The model boyfriend proposed a breakup

The model boyfriend proposed a breakup

The phone rang and I was very excited. I was a college roommate.

: Information, it says: We broke up.

I was taken aback. The exemplary boyfriend in our eyes, the boyfriend who used to love her very much, even broke up.

  It only took more than a year to graduate from college, and everything was gone.

She told me that she missed the ordinary life of her past school days, and she missed time at the happiest moment.

She told me she was sad, and I said, you have to learn to be happy now.

In fact, happiness is now.

Only the happiness that is now strung together can be a lifetime of happiness.

Happiness is also a psychological feeling.

Because happiness requires you to discover it yourself, let go of the burden on your heart, and taste it carefully.

  The breakup was sad at the time, but everyone who has experienced the breakup can’t help but laugh at being silly if they think about the day: “Isn’t I living well now?

“In love, it’s not necessarily because you did something wrong. Maybe you didn’t do anything. Maybe you did too much.

Don’t love, sometimes it just feels changed, there is no reason, no more sadness will not help.

When a person’s life train is about to derail, the partner next to him may not be able to walk side by side. At this time, I should thank the other person and accompany you for a journey of life.

Therefore, we should cherish everyone who accompanies us for some time.

  Love in the city is originally an inescapable but longing thing.

No one guesses the ending. When you often have love, the love affair just happened for another supper, and the painful moment of love affair may be a brand new beginning.

For love, if it is a round dance, two people must be willing to step on the same pace and follow the same rhythm, in order to jump out of the beautiful double dance.

When the other party doesn’t want to dance anymore, you have to grab his hand and drag his body to jump down, and the dance is not good.

  When two people run away from each other, at this time, if you can relax and re-understand yourself or others, it may be a good thing.

It ‘s better to start a new way of life from now on, let go of the burden, discover happiness, and learn to be happy!