“you……”Ouyang Wuji is an old man after all,After hearing Wen Tianli’s relentless words,I was immediately trembling with anger。

Ouyang can have today,I don’t know what Ouyang Wuji paid,and so,Ouyang Wuji absolutely does not allow the thing that Wen Tianli said just now to happen。
Absolutely not!
Wen Tianli saw Ouyang Wuji’s body trembling with anger,Even laughed,He even said to Ouyang Wuji in a caring tone:“Ouyang,I advise you to control your emotions,otherwise,I’m afraid you won’t see the day when Ouyang’s house is over。”
Ouyang Wou-ki is almost out of breath from Wen Tianli,But there is no way to refute,Because of what happened back then,Indeed, he betrayed the Wen family。
But Wen Tianli obviously has no intention of letting go of Ouyang Wuji.,Even continued:“Ouyang,do not worry,I still have more important things to do,So I won’t deal with your Ouyang family for the time being!and so,You can still be king for a few more days!By the way tell you,Pass and cherish!”
Ouyang Wuji spent a lot of effort,So Shun calmed down the anger in her heart,After knowing that Wen Tianli didn’t come to trouble her home,Just asked:“What are you here for?”
Wen Tianli saw Ouyang Wuji calm down in such a short period of time,Smiled,Keep saying:“Auction business!”
Ouyang Wuji was taken aback,Asked rhetorically:“Auction business?”
“of course!Your grandson Ouyang Jianfeng did not bid for the ring at the auction today.,after come back,I should have told you about this?”Wen Tianli asked。
“Yes!”Ouyang Wuji returned to it immediately。
“well,In that case,I’m afraid with your grandson’s arrogant temperament,I lost my face in front of so many people,I’m sure I won’t swallow this breath plainly, right?!”Wen Tianli continued。
“Yes,Unexpectedly, Master, you would even know such little things。”Ouyang Wuji satirically Wen Tianli arranged someone in their home。
Wen Tianli seems to know Ouyang Wuji’s thoughts,Speak:“rest assured,I’m not boring enough to get someone in your Ouyang home。But?Regarding the conduct of your grandson,I’m afraid few people don’t know,Such a simple question,I think with my heels,The answer you can think of,I’m for such a small matter,And spend more money like that,To buy people from your family??”