This negative energy is different from the red mist energy,It’s also different from the space energy in the dark one,It’s a spiritual force that is more biased towards intelligent creatures.,It’s just a negative mental power。

Maybe as He Yueyingzi introduced,The terrain of this forest is special,Magnetic field disorder,People who enter the Aokigahara Forest are prone to negative emotions,And the negative energy generated during suicide is condensed but not dispersed,Locked in this forest,Accumulate deeper,Then it turns into a dense fog。
but,Lu Menglin is not an exorcist,He is also not obligated to wipe out these mists of wraiths,Besides, the negative energy here has been deposited for hundreds of years,It’s not easy to eliminate。
“Trigger hidden tasks,Purify the source of Aokihara’s grievances,System rewards a lottery chance once。”at this time,There was a long-lost ding sound in Lu Menglin’s mind,And announced a new system mission to him。
Chapter Eighty Five All plants and trees
Hear this system hide mission,Lu Menglin was speechless immediately。
I’ve heard of this green woodland,The grievances inside,Accumulated for at least a few hundred years,How could I be purified??
And I am not a monk,Not a Taoist priest,This kind of task should be almost the same for Taoist Li Shixing to try!
As for the prize of the lucky draw, what the hell is it??Who knows what unreliable stuff will be drawn?
So Lu Menglin immediately ignored this so-called hidden mission。
Strange,When this bus convoy passed a turn,And after a long slope,The scene in front of you suddenly became clear。
Those haunting mists stop on the slope behind them like psychic,Picturesque ahead,Tian Lang Ni Qing,A beautiful pastoral scenery。
Turquoise rice fields on both sides of the road,The paddy swings in the wind,Exudes alluring vigor。
A farmer with a hat is working on the ridge,Their rickety back,As vivid as an oil painting,Give people a very real smoke。
The bus passes through the town at the foot of the mountain,The road is neat and clean,There are not many pedestrians on the road,Children in groups occasionally,Carry a small school bag of uniform style,Line up to cross the road,Looks calm and harmonious,Live and work,Leisurely and affluent town scenery。
Compared with the gloomy atmosphere of Aokigahara Forest just now,This is simply the kingdom of gods blessed by gods,The gap between the two is huge,The soul shock caused to people is also quite big。