The car has not driven past,See from afarADong312Dusty。There are a lot of security personnel and some surrounding owners。

Something like this,Heiwa’s face is naturally very unsustainable,He parked the car,Rushed up quickly,He shouted loudly:“What do you security guards do??Bring the dog and rush for me,Get all these disobedient guys down”Heiwa speaks,Naturally works。
First0766chapter The contest between good and evil
More than ten security personnel holding shields,Rushed up with the police dog,The trash thrown down suddenly stopped。
With a few shouts,Five or six renovation workers came out of the building,One of them has a bald head,Looks like he’s in his thirties,His clothes are neatly arranged and you can tell that it is the head of these people。
“Who made you do this?”Heiwa stepped over,Asked loudly。
Sure enough, bald head came out,He said with fierce eyes:“Don’t do that,How did the decoration garbage come down here??Your building doesn’t even have an elevator”
“Don’t you know the decoration management regulations in the market??I’ll stop you verbally,Have to make some noise。How about this!Don’t do it here”Heiwa said with anger。
Bald eyes roared:“who are you?You say you don’t let it do it?”
Xia Ying walked over,Asked with an unhappy look:“Hu Huaping!Don’t be shameless,You have violated the rules multiple times,We have given you the greatest tolerance,Today is so arrogant,In this case,Then please get out of here,Never think about working here again”
This guy named Hu Huaping,Don’t give Xia Ying face to everyone,His eyes turned and roared:“You are just from the management office,Do you have any right not to let me work here?”
“You guys will check his qualifications for decoration right away,See if there is a fire extinguisher?Has the staff applied for the pass?,The two are the same,Limit the water and electricity to me”Xia Ying said,Took out the phone again,She is about to dial out,A middle-aged man in his fifties ran over。
“Manager Xia!What’s going on here?”The middle-aged man shouted while running。
Xia Ying glanced at Xia Jian at this time,Then turned around and said:“Mr. Zhang,You have gone through the decoration procedures and paid the deposit。Today, your workers throw decoration garbage at high altitude,Not only do not listen to advice,And blatantly confronted our managers。I will fine you two thousand yuan first,After the rectification, I will send someone to send you water and electricity“
A middle-aged man,His face changed immediately,He shouted at bald Hu Huaping:“Who made you do this?Didn’t I tell you?Since you don’t listen,Leave immediately,I don’t want to make so much trouble“
“No problem!Then you have to pay!We can’t work for you in vain!“Hu Huaping said sharply。
The middle-aged man sneered:“Are you wrong!What money do you give?How much work have you done?,Gave me a fine of two thousand yuan,You can count the wages,We pay the fine first“
“Shit!What a shit fine,It’s not that you colluded,I’m going to the venture group to find a leader to complain to you“Hu Huaping roared loudly。