“Since this,That’s more, you can’t stand by.,A small life,A big life。”Tang San Tibetan Minds a Buddha No.,Purplexia fairy that is unconscious。

Liao Wenjie saw a frown,Not blocked,There are some small entangles before,I feel that I will throw Zixia to the Niu Deyu.,In case the old cow feels a chicken, you can take a light day.,Does he become an Ouyang crazy?。
He is pure love God god!
at the moment,Tang San Tibet is willing to shoot,Just take my mind for him,By default, Zixia Fairy。
What later,Guan Yin also said,Follow him,Don’t be afraid that the script has collapsed.。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie,Various opinion,Behind the merits,He raised his hand and put it at your feet.,Change into a lotus table。
Tang San Tibet hooded,Great shock:“Liao Show,You are so messy,Guanyin sister will be angry。”
“Your Guanyin sister said,I am happy.。”
Liao Wenji mouth,哼 子 观 观 观 道 道:“The poor pass is very clear,Monkey is your apprentice,What do you think, what should I do??”
“Wukong is only a born naughty,Nature is not bad,The world misunderstood him,Only because of his five senses,Nothing is willing to understand his three views。”
Tang Sanzang:“I am getting along with him.,See him every day.,Bullying,Also forced Xiaobai Long Women’s Wear,I found that he is actually a child.……”
Liao Wenjie shouted directly,Very no sign:“Be,So far,Besides, I am standing on the monkey.。”
“Liao Show,you understood?”
“understood,I will understand when I was young.,Monkey falls to this point today,Do you have a unbacked responsibility。”Liao Wenjie vomiting。
“Yes,I blame me for taught it.。”
Tang Sanzang is annoyed:“If I don’t mean I only say three times a day, I have said three times.,Too little to his homework,Wukong will not be more arrogant,If it is not his arrogance,I will not grab it to the King of the Niu Devil.,Will not be by Guanyinjie……”
MD,Why do I want to give him a chance?!
Liao Wenjie wakes up in time,A hairdressing boxing,Lotus in the foot,Fly around Tang Sanzang and Zi Xia Fairy to the monkey。
Desert edge,Firewood。
Supreme treasure, a face, to hold the purple Youth Sword,Because he is not close to the woman’s clinical rejection,Didn’t give Zi Xia tasted the sweetness of the sweetness,The latter ran down。
Zixia ran no relationship,Moonlight treasure box is not bad,No moonlight box,He can’t leave this world.,Save the heart, Bai Jingjing, is not talking about。
Supreme treasure dark swear,If you give another chance again,He guarantees that no one will make a gentleman,No matter what Zixia wants to do,He is lying in place,Let it be。
“I should so early.,I blame my love but my mind.!”
To respect the treasure regret,Fall behind,A little small grievance,Biting the teeth when you are bitten by the dog。
Again,Zixia Fairy is Pan Shi Jimei,That is, Bai Jingjing Master,All,He is filial to respect the elder.。
distance,Shashi is shocked,Rising big dust,Air roll,Blowing fire, suddenly。
Supreme treasure faintly saw a white light drop from the sky,Lift purple 青 宝,All the way is close to,Silent prayer,Ask the old man to see him handsome,Ten million is Zixia crash.。
The situation is not much,Although Zixia did not crash,But people are indeed present。
Liantai descended from the sky,Liao Wenjie who turned into the way to grab the monkey from the sand,Staying it nowhere to escape。
“Sun Wukong,You are born for your sister and the sister of the Niu Devil.,Actually, make your Master Tang San Tibet.,I still have a demon ghost to eat Tang Yan meat together.。Not only that,you……”