The symptoms of liver disease have some common manifestations

The symptoms of liver disease have some common manifestations

People’s living standards are high, but various diseases are also constantly occurring.

In recent years, the incidence of liver diseases has increased, and the harm to the human body is also great.

Therefore, friends must be treated in time.

We all know that the right medicine can be treated quickly and effectively. Do you know the common symptoms of liver disease?

Let’s take a look.

The common symptoms of liver disease are: liver area discomfort in all liver disease symptoms, liver area discomfort and liver area pain exist earlier, the first symptom is caused by liver disease, and the trauma factor should be excluded.

Occasionally, normal people also have temporary liver pain episodes, which are rare.

Liver discomfort and pain in the liver area are often associated with hepatomegaly pressing the liver capsule. The outcome of the transformed disease is aggravated or reduced in hepatomegaly. The nature and extent of pain in the liver area are also different.

Liver cancer is generally progressive, mainly due to the continuous increase of hepatic cancer. The liver and ascites of liver and ascites are usually present in the late stage of liver disease or when the condition is extremely serious. For example, liver ascites in liver cirrhosis indicates that it has entered the late stage of liver cirrhosis.
3, the whole body shows physical weakness, easy fatigue is the most common systemic performance.

Some patients with liver disease may be accompanied by varying degrees of jaundice, which is characterized by yellow urine, yellow eyes and yellow skin. It is the most complicated symptom of liver disease (except for pediatric physiological jaundice).

Itching of the skin occurs when the jaundice is too high.

4, liver palm spider mites many chronic liver disease will appear liver palm, spider mites, liver disease face, especially cirrhosis patients are more common.

However, there is nothing in the liver palm and spider mites, which can be seen in normal people. Therefore, it is impossible to have a spider sputum or a liver palm to say that it is a liver disease symptom.

5, digestive tract performance This is the most common symptoms of liver disease, most liver diseases will appear, such as: nausea, tired of greasy, poor appetite, general malaise, etc., can occur vomiting, diarrhea, splenomegaly and other symptoms.

Such symptoms may also be related to hepatic ulcer disease caused by chronic liver disease, portal hypertensive enteropathy.

6, hemorrhagic liver disease bleeding phenomenon is manifested in liver function decline, resulting in decreased synthesis of coagulation factors.

It is easy to cause bleeding in patients with liver disease, bleeding from hemorrhoids, bleeding from venous blood transfusion, etc., and it is difficult to stop bleeding.

7, portal hypertension high portal hypertension refers to increased pressure in the portal system.

Often caused by esophageal and gastric varices, is the primary cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Once bleeding occurs, combined with bleeding tends to be more dangerous, it is the death of liver disease (mainly referred to as cirrhosis, advanced liver cancer).

8, hepatic encephalopathy This is the performance of liver disease to the end of the period, the symptoms are extremely dangerous, is the most important cause of liver disease death.

The above content details the symptoms of liver disease and hopes to help everyone.

You can compare our symptoms, if you find that the above symptoms appear, you should go to the hospital for examination and effective treatment.

Finally, I wish you all a speedy recovery!