“I really change my angle.,If I didn’t stay in the hospital for so many days,The big tyrants should not lose.。”Some of the Qing Palace is somewhat,“At that time。”

I think about the Qing Palace laugh.,Even if the punishment game wins??What he is willing to make Meiqin??
Now this result,In fact, it is already the best result that the Qing Palace can think of.。
Although the big tyrants have ended so long.,But the incidental event in the Qing Palace is not long ago.,Some heartbeat。
Once you have any difference in your own actions,For yourself,It is a fatal mistake,Will make yourself regret。
Good,Now the ending is perfect。
“Um,Follow the time,The goods should have been http://www.galoptech.cn to Italy this time.?”Qinggang,Replace the light blue pajamas,“I don’t know how the old guy went to it.”
Charlotte is low,Gently jump to the bed of the Qing Palace,I still have a card in my mouth.,It seems in curiosity:“Owner,Can this thing eat??”
“Can not。”Qingguang mouth,Subsequently hold the cat head of Charlotte,I grabbed the orange card from the mouth of the cat.,In the dissatisfaction of Charoly,Throw one tennis in the bed with hand,Charlotte is cheering,Jumping from the bed,Start playing with that tennis。
“I really don’t know if you are a cat or a dog.。”The Qing Palace is talking about shaking his head,Subsequently bowed to the orange Indian Poker of the hand,Take a while,Qing Palace hesitated,Still put the card in your own bed。
“never mind,Try a try。”Qing Palace said in selfless words,“Anyway, lethal,Orange http://www.fj153.cn should be a happy dream of a happy dream.?Maybe you can bring a good sleep quality?”
Self-speaking,Listening to the sound of Charlotte, who is in the bed and the tennis war,The Qing Palace is slowly lying down。
at the same time,Chang Platform Middle School Dormitory,Unique,Meiqin is also doing the same thing。
“Well this thing is really effective??”Meiqin, a green, pick-up, sitting in bed,Come and watch the card in your hand,Have a good time for a while,Only I decided to be determined.,Place the card in your own bed,“never mind,Anyway, more interest,I got my hand.,Just try it.。”
“But if you want to dream,Is it more interesting to terrorism?”Mechanic,Turn over the bed,Pull out the quilt,Just lying down。
A moment of pulling the quilt,Meiqin’s body is stiff,It is not good to look into his quilt when you look back.。
Quilt,At this time‘Quilt’。
“sister~~~~”A charming female voice slowly passed out from the quilt,then,Sexy transparent nightdress, the black son, is a fascinating, the lying in the quilt,Watching Meiqin, looking like a silk,Let Meiqin can’t help but a cold。
“sister”See Meiqin to open the quilt,The eyes of the black son are more energetic,“Autumn cool,Please allow the black child to hear”
“just forget it。”Meiqin’s mouth smashed,Orange card looking at the hand,Sighed,then,One foot is on the face of the black child。
“after all,The reality is already horrible.!”
(This chapter is over)
NS459chapter Orthopedics
“This is”Warafter waiting for the Qing Palace,And look at it around,Faced time change。
His place is not your own room,But in a bright room,The room is not too big,And I am lying in a big bed in the room。
“This is my dream.?”Qing Palace 揉 揉,Slowing slowly from the bed,I still wear pajamas wearing it before going to bed.,Feel your soft touch,Let the Qing Palace can’t help but press two times。
“It’s really realistic.。”The Qing Palace is worth a four weeks.,I can’t help but praise a sentence.。
Room is not big,But it doesn’t give any small feelings.,Simple decoration in the room,Give people a touch of warmth。
Suddenly some of the Qing Palace。
Looking at this slightly familiar decoration and furnishings in the room,The Qing Palace suddenly has a very familiar feeling,And this feeling is that his heartbeat is quietly accelerated.。
Ah,The door of the room was pushed away.,Going in an out of the door,When the Qing Down is looking up,His eyes smashed!
A hair is slightly messy,The middle-aged man is standing at the door.,Face with a gentle smile,Quiet look at the Qing Palace。
“Stinky boy,Woke up, can’t afford it.,I have to come and call you personally.?”Middle-aged people look at Qing Palace,Laugh,But this kind of tone,Let the eyes of the Qing Palace in the morning red。
“Old man”
When Meiqin woke up,I found myself under a tree。
Around green grass,The sun shines in the top of the leaves on the top of their head.,Leave a motive golden light shadow on the ground,And Meiqin himself is on the trunk,Slowly open your eyes。
“Hey, is this my dream??”Meiqin looks at the four weeks,Some curious blinks,“This kind of self knows that he is dreaming, it is really very wonderful.!”
“but,What is the so-called dreams let me enjoy the scenery??”Meiqin is looking around,“Um,The scenery is very good”

“real or fake?”Two people actions。

“Probability。”Old week nod。
“what is it now?”I wish the double question。
“how could I know,Look at the Ministry of Education or your school can not introduce any policy。”Old Zhou said,“do not worry,It is also affected by the country.,But for those who consciously,Self-cultivation,Or students with educational resources at home,This is a good opportunity for corner overtaking.。”
The two sisters have fallen into thoughts.。
I wish you a lot of thoughts.,I only know that her achievements and wish are almost the same.。As for the two,He is the first three old ages in Yancheng Middle School.,It is possible to impact Tsinghua Northern http://www.jabakery.cnUniversity.,More than weeks。
Lao Zhouqon,Say:“If you are willing,I can try it, I can find a teacher for you.,Of course, this also wants to see the epidemic situation of Yancheng.,Seriously definitely。”
“Even if there is no teacher,You can also help each other.,Two points better than one person。”Jiang Yi supplements,“And there is a problem, you can still ask my brother.。”
“cough!”Zhouzhi is a bit uncomfortable。
“correct,Sister, don’t panic.!”I wish the double nodes,“What should I do if I am infected by Jin?,Let’s go together to Peking University.。”
“I want to take Qinghua。”
“I ask my father.。”Ipret。
“good,I also communicate with him.。”Jiang Yi also said,“Hey, he should be finished.。”
I didn’t find anything reason for the rice.,Fortunately, he secretly opened the takeaway software.,I feel that the take-out industry has not been influenced by the epidemic.,So he gave a top spot,The address only fills in the community。
“Wait for yourself,Don’t be seen。”
“rest assured。”
The Zhou is flat.,Open WeChat to see the public number of the Danzan Garden,I have seen it in Yizhou。
Yizhou is not subject to the disaster-stricken area,But not light,However, most of the diagnosed cases are concentrated in Jinshi,Now there is more than half of the small cities that have not been diagnosed.,Among them, it includes Yancheng.。
But can’t fall。
And the demon is very strange,Don’t look at the people’s model,The group is also a mammal,But the essence of their essence and the difference in humans may be better than human and a stone.。This difference is even bigger to make them can’t for this world.,They now look almost all borrowed this world.,This is actually a camouflage。
Zhou heard red dyeing,Originally, they can’t even use words to describe,That is not something that belongs to this world,Natural world has not created their text。
Just like there is no word to describe a color never appeared,Or never been the feeling we recognize。
So the demon cannot be infected。
http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn The phone suddenly shook,Zhou took the phone,Tell the stalk after a moment:“Go to the entrance of the community。”
槐 序,Wear a mask。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 213 Don’t worry about checking up.
Today’s weather is not good,Overcast,Always in addition to the weather in Yancheng outside the summer。However, this time before the impression of the New Year will be out of the sun.,The weather is also starting from this time.。
Sitting in the bedside。
Some people raise pigeons in the sky,The river is covered with a thin layer of fog,There are few people on the road.。
The whole city is extra clear。
序 is sitting behind him,The trash can also remains in the take-out package box,The air is also floating incense,It is a game that is too long.,He also feels some boring。
“Ugh……Nan Ge is not online!”
http://www.juxinwang.cn “Nan Ge went to the mountain。”Zhouzhi eye mobile phone screen,“Her homes are not available,Can only smashWiFi。”
“The trick is not black.?”

“You don’t doubt Xiaolin, are you?”Yao Junli is straight to the point,Ask Xia Jiandao directly。

Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“You said that only the three of us know about this,Who else could she have?But based on my many years of intuition,Lin Wei can’t do such a thing。Unless she has something unspeakable”
Xia Jian still believes in Lin Wei,So he thinks Lin Wei can’t do this。But who is she??Xia Jian is extremely conflicted。
Yao Junli thought about it:“When we were talking,I found that Xiaolin’s eyes were a little wrong。Do you want me to remind her?”
“no need,Lin Wei has been with me for many years,There is hard work without credit,It depends on her own awakening。Didn’t I come to you for a http://www.ihumor.cn drink?,Then bring the wine”Xia Jian said and laughed。
Yao Junli sighed and said:“You are very big”Yao Junli talk about it,Still brought out a bottle of imported red wine。This woman is rich,But she really likes to drink。Especially for red wine,I feel like a soft spot。
Two people from on the sofa,Looks very relaxed。Yao Junli raised the red wine glass and shook it gently,She asked with a sigh:“New year soon,Where are you going to spend?”
“Where else can I be,Can only go back home。I think about it,Today is the 27th of the twelfth lunar month,Let Lin Wei go home tomorrow,Let’s talk after the new year”Xia Jian suddenly said something to Yao Junli。
Yao Junli says:“also!But I also tell you。My parents went abroad this year,So this year’s Spring Festival I also celebrated in Pingdu。Such a big villa is a bit vacant for me to live alone,So please come and accompany me,There should be no problem!”
“no problem,Prepare a few bottles of good bar!Xia Jian laughed and said。
They drank until six o’clock in the evening,Because it’s almost dinner,So they stopped。Xia Jian went back to the office and called Lin Wei to eat。But there is no one in the office,Xia Jian thought Lin Wei was back to his bedroom。
He turned,I accidentally found a piece of paper on the coffee table。Xia Jian felt strange,I walked over and picked it up。It turned out to be a letter from Lin Wei。
The letter is written like http://www.monigaoerfu.cn this“President Xia!I, Lin Wei, will be sorry for you once in my life。Come to Pingdu to work this time,It wasn’t my intention。But my aunt forced me to come,As for the reason,I don’t need to say more,What I want to say is that I was helpless”
“What my aunt arranged for me,I can’t help but do。So i think,I can beat her right up。If you really hate me,If I have a chance to meet again,You just beat me。Goodbye Mr. Xia,Your company can definitely do it”
Xia Jian took this letter from Lin Wei,I was dumbfounded。Why did Jin Yimei do this??It was she herself to please Xiao Xiao?Or is it Xiao Xiao asked her to do this??Xia Jian really can’t think of it。He really doesn’t know,Who else in this world can convince him。
“what happened?So busy”Yao Junli can’t wait for Xia Jian outside,Ran to his office to urge him。
The letter Xia Jian left Lin Wei http://www.qhoutdoor.cn with him,I gave it to Yao Junli,Yao Junli,Can’t help but take a breath and say:“fair enough!Things have not reached a very bad result”

Look at the peak。
Xiao Yao backhand held the sword,The other hand is a letter that travels outside.。
[This month is the beginning of this month,Your teacher will go up,You and go good to welcome her。]
This word is lightly scribbled from Xiao Yao brain.,He put this letter with this letter.,I don’t see my light mist disappeared.。
Xiao Jie is earlier than in the past,To practice the sword,Go to the mountain gate to welcome http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn the teacher。
——Qing Dynasty did not say the specific time,No“Good to welcome her”This sentence makes specific requirements,Xiao Yao follows your own style。
http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn Although he is not a noble aristocratic public,But didn’t do the things that Baba is waiting to meet.。
This is really known to be full。
Waiting for Xiao Yao not bored,He is in the silent vermiche method and the brain drill sword spectrum,This is not a thin thing to him.。
Only when you are with frequent hello,Interrupted his thoughts,He only took the next to the mountain gate to be indifferent.,Very inadvertently:
This is a very strong master。
Sick has been large,Xu is superior。
After all, Qing Yan is old sword.,Eye is higher than top,Not easily。
Xiao Jie is thinking,Finally, I have a lot of emotions on this upcoming new teacher.:He wants to learn the sword with this master.,Discuss oneself。
sky『color』Faster arrival。
Shallow powder in the mountain gate『color』The figure is too late。
Novo is the age of 7 years old,It is not a suitable emptiness,Which gorgeous and beautiful dress,With the movement of her,In her feet out of the flowers。
Girl breath into the field of view,Obvious physical strength,Over-sweat,Made of peach blossoms with her flourish face『color』Alignment,Bright and bright。The beautiful five senses is vivid because of the emotions of the face,Her eyes seems to be in a soft spring,It is said that her journey is hard.,Complaint,Want to pay back。
all is well。
Just except this, it is really like a sword.,And more like Miss official。
Xiao Jie did not sigh without sign。
My master,How can I this??
——This is really my teacher.?
NS135chapter Chapter 135 is a brother
NS135chapter Chapter 135 is a brother
perhaps, Is there a person who came to visit?。

NS1454Chapter horizontal Sanzhou

“Father,Why?”I saw the laborer in the world.,Suddenly roaring a road。
Tiaoba people directly slap in the face of proud:“You blends,The brain is not defeated by the east.,You didn’t see the blood of Xuanhuang on him??”
“Father,Maybe he got some blood seal in the body,Deceive people?”Amoyed today’s angry roaring。
“Humph,Do you think!”Tiaoba people seem to be too lazy to explain,Directly played a light into the sputum into the mind,Then turn around。
Tooa’s central,An old bluestone tower stands in a wilderness in the central area,This stone tower is constantly,Give people an ancient and desolate feel,I don’t know how many years have you experienced。
“Desert tower”Two words engraved on the bluestone tower。
This wasteland is the first heavy machine,Rural tower,There are many cracks around the wilderness,This wasteland is a artifact,But this is a damaged artifact,The biography is a artifact left by the dereliction of the earth.。
The wilderness of the year has no fighting power,Horizontal,It is also a famous giant in the god.,Unfortunately, after all, when the lobby was,,Falling the gods。
Wastea is also damaged in the robbery。
The old desert tower stands in the central area of Taizhou,Wilderness3000The area in http://www.ykrtwl.cn the area also became a restricted area,Unless some old antiques are eligible to come here。
Suddenly there was a crack in the sky。
This space suddenly has been torn,Then the space is completely collapsed,A whispering Taiji figure falls from the sky,Taiji figure is quaint,Segmentation,Chaotic,Directly impact on the cracks of the wasteland。
A dramatic impact sounds in the sky,A goddess straight straight nine,The desert tower issued a dramatic trembling,Like it at any time,Be awkward,The sound of the sound came from above。
A angry roaring sound rang from the void,A fancy figure out from the wasteland,This figure is terrible,Horror,Far far beyond yang,The breath of the wild。
“Wilderness,Reaction so slow?”
A contemptuous tone came from the empty,A man who is like a Taiji http://www.chc99.cn map appears in the sky,This man is like a snow,Chase,Hair silk is like a sword。
Men’s eyes turbid,But with a murder of the sky。
“Zhang Sanfeng is impossible?Did you be suppressed by the dragon??”The figure of the hazy figure looked at the people in front of him couldn’t help but fell.。
This hazy man is famous as a wilderness,This is the only half-way striped half-way forward.,but500He suffered from heavy year ago,Always,This time, when the Yuan Magic Treasure is hidden,。
“What is impossible?”
Zhang Sanfeng carrying hands,Looking at the wilderness of the wilderness:“500The blood debt before the year is still.。”No extra,His big hand is ramping,A 胧 太 极 图 虚 虚。
Taiji figure light flashing,Fans,Direct separation,Found in front of the wilderness king。
Extremely dangerous atmosphere,Let the wilderness of the wild。
But the wilderness is ready to do,A sharp knife appeared in his back of his head,Suddenly his head,Turn the rain,His ginsear is hit hard,Emit a fierce call。

This mouth is fast, there is no way to change it.。

Yue Lingfeng is swallowed.,Pupil。
Nodding hard。
“good,I see。”
I will save my sister tonight tonight.,He is very happy,But the impact of your heart is still unable to calm。
But rushing to Lu Yujun is maturing,Can give your sister a good future this,He http://www.siyoubolihotel.cn raised his hands to agree with them.。
I can hear my sister and land.,He is still very excited,He took a deep breath.,Force yourself calm down。
“Song Dado,Thank you,Do we want to alarm??”
Song Yu:“Newspaper,Why not report?
This is a kidnapping,Yue Sheng’s finish,Yue family is finished。”
Song Yuxi slowly took the mobile phone to call alarm phone。
Yue Ling Fengxin suffocated,Rich people really can master people’s life and death。
He suddenly said:“Song Dado,Just now, there is no license。”
Song Xiao smiled,Take a shot of his shoulders,“rest assured,I will get it。”
Song Yu looked at his forehead,It should also be hurt in your body.。
“Small peak,Do you want to go to the hospital first??
The thing here is to deal with me.。”
Yue Lingfeng shook his head,Didn’t see your sister,He doesn’t http://www.yiding2008.cn go:“fine,I am leather injury,I am waiting with you and wait for the police.。”
Song Yu looked at him insisted,Nothing。
Take the paper towel to the Yue Lingfeng wipe the blood on the head,Yue Lingfeng color resistance,The wolf still can’t hide his handsome。
Song Yu wants,This Yue Lingfeng is also the existence of the peak.。
the other side,Lu Weijun looked at the positioning on the phone,Soon, catching the black sedan tied to Yue Lingxi。
Night color,Road light,High-rise on the distance, the neon lights flashing with dazzling light。
Lu Yi Jun Silicon,Deadly locked the front of the vehicle。
It is like a beast that was robbed.,Iris exudes a terrible breath。
Looking at the car stopped at the door of the hotel。
Lu Wei also stopped the car quickly,Follow,But I didn’t come up and save people.。
Lu Yujun shortly after getting off,Another luxurious black car parked in the intersection,From the car, four sturdy bodyguards。
Lu Weijun gave them news,The four people stop waiting for the roadside waiting。
Yue Lingxi is brought down by two men,See the moment of the hotel,Her heart is like a gray,She knows that the other party is Yue Sheng。
Only Yue Sheng will make such a thing。
“let me go,You let me go” Yue Lingxi force struggle,But after all is futile,She is quickly brought to the hotel,Directly sent to the elevator,Elevator directly to Yue Sheng’s floor。
Two men laughed:“Such a beautiful woman,Yue less is afraid that it is going crazy tonight.。”

Gao Bao:“This thing will be fine at the time.。”

“This Fan is not a micro-service,Scene should be as big as possible。But these you don’t have to worry,I have already handed it over to Yang Wei.。”
Gao Yang open the curtain of the car,Founded in the West Gate of Yucheng,So I am not paying attention to Gao Baoyi.,I put it down the blank car!
Be uncomfortable,Gao Bo Yi was made with dust,Wolf。
“You go home yourself.,No need to accompany you,Oh, there is something!”
Put the next sentence,Yongle is driving the car to carry a high Yangjun.,And Gao Bao is a person who has passed by the city gate.。
What else can you say??Jun did not see that Yang Wei was born in the coffin by Gao Yang.?
Enter into the city,Come to a Tuen Nationality,Written on the door“Qi Qi Development Bank”Several gold big characters,Two kilograms of stone cattle outside the door。
Look,A show of hooves seems to be walking,One is a low head graze。
“The fish of the fish is really enough.。This couple,I don’t know what will I do.。”
Mrs. Yu Zanshan has a sage,Gao Boyi is just a little more points.,She will lend loans、Save money、The business of financing to buy and sell is getting up.。
And the fish is not a concept of money.,He only do something that must not be a countertop。
For example, what kind of people will borrow,How,How。Is there a head in a certain business?,How is the intensity of market competition?,What forces behind, etc.。
There is no need to be a countertop in these.,Avoiding Cui Biye,Bened by people。
As for the princess of the Heldion of the Bank of China,Then there is a woman who doesn’t know how much I don’t know.。She is just a banner,Used to condense people,Amulet used to cover the wind。
Before the autumn harvest, you should give the officials of the people.,It is also a tribute to Daihua Development Bank.。Gao Bao saw at the door,邺 邺 邺 小 吏 吏,It seems to be queued“Bill of lading”。
Holding a bill of lading,Go to the designated warehouse to receive food and cloth,Even if this is a half。
As for another part of the gold and silver plates.,It is sent by the special person to all the big gates.。so far,Everything is in order。
“no surprise,As long as the officials of the 邺 邺 are here to collect wages,Then there will be no one dare to make trouble.。”
Gao Bo Yi did not enter,But if you think about it, you will leave.。
NS639chapter plot(superior)
This day night,Yucheng’s mountain Wangfu Lights,Open the door to welcome guests。Changshan Wang Gong,Invite the younger brother Chang Guang Wang Gao Zhan,Go to the feast,Dreaming brothers friendship!
They have no avoidance of this kind http://www.fy12365.cn of behavior,And telling the truth,Fellow brothers,Are in Yucheng,Walking and walking is normal。Go together,There is also a trust of Gao Zhan,North Qi Zong House High Yuanhai。
The high yuan sea is the son of Zhao Wang.,And Gao Song is a kind of Gao Huanzi,Non-personal,But there is a certain blood relationship,Generally the same surname。
So according to the generation,The high-yuan sea is a high-andhan nephew。
This person has always been a heart to the sky.,But the role of 尴尬 role。
North Qi book said this person“May the mountain,Practice。Promise。Take the hill,Two years,Abandoned personnel,Do not solidify,Check。Remind,Very vivid wine,Guangatai。In addition to the leader,Major,Quite self-satisfaction。”
Simply put, there is not much book.,I am very thoughtful。
Major,This word is used in this person.。
I http://www.361robot.cn just came out from the mountain before the sea.,Later, I followed Gao Zhan.,Make a proposal。obviously,This year, Gao Zhan has dropped first.,There is no relationship with his plan。
certainly,It doesn’t rule out that Gao Yang feels that Gao Zhan has no threat.,So the sorry will be a little bit loose on the twice of the opponent’s neck.。
Not big one in the hall,Sitting four people on the dinner。
In addition to high performance and high brothers,Gao Qian Wang Hao and high yuan sea are also。
At this time, a steamed big squid is placed on the table.,Soy sauce with a bean fragrant,Let the forefinger are big。
It’s just a strange thing.,The trend of this era is“Divergence”,Hole food is divided,Send it to the table in front of them,Not like this now,Several people eat a fish。
“This fish is very large,Divided into four copies。So I will recommend that Wang Ye is completely put on the table.,Everyone eats together。Don’t mind if you are in the Hall。”
Wang Yuke’s set of high-profile,It means a deep concern:“Ambiguous,Looking also is also indecent。I can’t even see it.,How can I have an appetite??”

“I rely on!”

Han Jiang was shocked,This got a shipper?
The ship’s transport ship can be on the battlefield,Use this vocabulary,Let Han Jiang feel very incredible,How long is this?。
It is the commander of Fuhua too amazing,Or this transport ship is also interested in Otto.?
Can send this fierce to leave,What is the price of a transport ship?。
Han Jiang is more inclined to,Fuhua is a full-time staff,It should be Outo。
Two people go straight to the second port of floating island,The people in the transport ship are all respectful to stand on the ship.。
“Bother,Douglas。”Han Jiang saw a familiar person at a glance。
Fuhua asked:“Who is?”
Han Jiang’s situation:“Caslan family,I have seen a few faces before.,The last Santa Feria school female Wu god test, I also played with me.,do not you remember?”
“Who can remember this small role?。”Fuhua does not care about the shipping ship。
Douglas is cautious to look at Hanjiang,Serious road:“Don’t you get inch?,We are only responsible for sending you and the adult to the designated location.,Can’t release private enmity!”
Han Jiang cut a sound,I didn’t look at it in my eyes.,It is understood that。
Douglas only has a bitter laughter,I used to be the same level of competitors.,It can now follow this adult’s headquarters headquarters,How to compete in the future。
Distance from Fu Lai,It seems farther。
“This group of people can still。”
Fuhua did not go to the bridge,I found a lounge lying on the couch。
“Not too much,Honestly,It should be an Otto。”
“It is estimated。”Fuhua also failed。
It seems that Outo and Fuhua have also reached a certain agreement.,Otherwise, it will not be so flatteen to accept this transport ship.。
“So where are you going this time??”
“World Snake Headquarters。”
After the world snake surfaced,Headquartered in a city that is completely collapsed in the north http://www.wx-rdhb.cn continent。
They don’t need to protect civilians,Don’t care about your location,Previous purposes are also hidden,But only recently began to unscrupulous。
“Come from。”Fuhua called the battleship communication。
In less than half a minute Douglas ran over,Friendly standing around the side。
“What is the name of this battleship??”
“Dem Both。”Douglas replied。
“Really suffer。”Fu Hua,“Change a name。”
“The battleship is already yours.,The name is free to name it.。”Douglas is still a time。
“Hey,Boy,You said that this battleship is better.?”Fuhua asked Han Jiang Yang Yang Yang。
Han Jiang didn’t say these minds:“Just called the Fu Hua,Anyway, this is your own thing.。”
“That is called Han Jiang.。”
“do not want。”Han Jiang refused。
“why,I think Han Jiang is very good.,The warship, you also take it.,Anyway, http://www.knayt.cn I don’t care about this thing.,Be my younger brother, can of course you can’t stand you.。”
“You give me, I will definitely,But don’t call Han Jiang。”Han Jiang got angry。
“What’s wrong,Name the battleship with your name,More handsome,You will be the warship of this battleship.!”Fuhua said it is quite happy.。
Han Jiang,Shiberi installed the main gun of the moonlight throne,There will be more parts that belong to the Moonlight throne in the future.,He can’t attract a transport ship in the district,Nothing big deal。
Looking at the name of the two people debate the warship,Douglas heart is in the blood。
Generally speaking,Whether it is the main station ship or transport ship,Both burning money,At least three to five female Wu gods teams on each battleship,Only exceptionally strong female Wu Shenqi will have an independent battleship,But this small number is not a few。

“A person who can contend with the king of the sea eagle,How could it be a student,This damn fat Lu,Didn’t tell us that there is such a character。”Yan Zhen said。

“I guess Lin Zhao didn’t tell him,Fatty Lu only knew before leaving,Otherwise in his current situation,How dare to deceive us?”Yan Xu said。
“He is hiding on the island now,We can’t deal with him。”Yan Zhen said coldly。
Yan Zhen doesn’t want to take risks。
Once in the magic island,He couldn’t last long inside without preparing the http://www.natrual.cn grass beads,If you are entangled by the Sea Eagle Emperor or that mysterious man,Can’t get out,That over time,I am more dangerous。
Lin Zhaoda’s teaching is dead。
Zhenhailing is in her hands again。
It doesn’t matter even if one or two survive,They don’t have any evidence that they did it all by themselves。
of course,In case,It’s better if you don’t keep alive。
“We just stay outside for a few days,Don’t need us to do it,The Sea Eagle King will kill them all。”Yan Zhen gave a cruel smile。
“father,Do you think this Zhenhailing can really control the voodoo tide?,The voodoo tide is so powerful,If we can control,Do many countries in Nihai obey us??”Yan Xu said。
“We went to that island,Isn’t it just to find this tidal secret?,No wonder no matter how you kill them,None of them said,It turns out that this voodoo tide was formed using their blood to sacrifice to the sea,With this thing,Our Yan clan will soon be able to rule this Nehai clan,Those masters、monarch、king、All the queens have to http://www.027liyi.cn kneel at our feet!!”Yan Zhen’s eyes sparkled。
“Hehe,The little queen of Naxiayu……Dare to slap me,I just invited her to drink with me,She dare to slap me a few times,I must slap her back in the rest of her body!!”Yan Xu showed a wicked smile!
“Since their Xiayu royal family dared to shake our faces,They are destined to be our slaves!”Yan Zhen said。

When Shen Xuan’s words,obviously,For these things。

In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Shen Xuan now,It is completely unfinished.。
The more like this,In fact, I saw it here.,Shen Xuan’s face,It is a smile that is filled with a touch of smile.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to solve it in the end。
In fact, Wu Ding Tao looks like,anyway,Such a thing,It is necessary to increase your strength to solve it.,This is the key。
slowly,See here,At this time, Shen Xuan,It’s put on the front of you.。
“All right,So much nonsense now,What is it??”
“Are you not confident for yourself?,Since things have been here,So next,Even though come。”
When Shen Xuan said on this,obviously,For these things。
In fact, Shen Xuan is now,It has already been completely seen.。
The more you now,In fact, in front of you,Wu Ding Tao’s face,That expression is even more。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,I don’t care if you are.。”
“but now,Your dare to trade our sin,So next,Your end is only one,That is a dead road。”
When Wu Dingtao said on this。
Even even those Wu family’s guards,Also brushing, looking at this。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to solve it in the end。
As,It is nothing to say.。
The more like this,In fact, the next thing,one way or another,Still completely, this is necessary to completely handle it.,This is the key。
Although things have been,But next these things,What should I plan to deal with these?。
Shenxuan at this time,It is more short.。
“Although now,Don’t want to say this,But next,I feel,In fact, there is still this necessary,It’s the key to completely solving this thing.。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, now,Shen Xuan itself,Don’t I think it is completely?。
And these Wujia’s guards,It is a bit more excited.。
“In this case,So let’s everyone,Still http://www.azhihua.cn talking to him so much nonsense??”
“Yes,Who said is not?,Anyway, now we have firmly grasped such a good opportunity.,So let’s everyone,Still do you have to go out and say。”
“It’s so saying.,But you all,Didn’t you see it??”
“This Shenxuan,Absolutely not so simple, you can deal with。”
The more like this,Surroundings,It is the more excited manifestation.。
As for Shen Xuan,It is very lightweight.。
After all, I will follow it.,In fact, Shen Xuan has already set up an idea.。
slowly,I looked at the eye.。
At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,It is completely unfinished.。
“A bit of meaning,But now,In fact, you are expressing,Still too much, strong people。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, when Shen Xuan watched his eyes,Shenxuan’s face,Surroundings,It is a look that http://www.hzlingce.cn it is exported.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,It’s time,It should have this necessary time to solve it.。
As for Shen Xuan’s side,Everyone in other war temple,It is the face to face each other.,Completely exported。