Copper official district innovation financial service measures to promote high -quality development of small and medium -sized enterprises

  Finance is the core and blood of the modern economy, and it is an important tool for resource allocation and macro regulation.

"Financial activity and economic work", the financial industry plays an important role in the formation of a dual -cycle development pattern.

This year, the Tongguan District Innovation and Financial Services measures in Tongling City, which normally carried out the connection activities of government and bank -enterprise, and helped the business environment of the jurisdiction through the inclusiveness of financial products, reducing financing costs, and guiding economic transformation and upgrading to promote high -quality small and medium -sized enterprises develop. The district seized the new opportunities for capital market reform, increased the reservoirs of listing reserve enterprises, accurately connected to the listing reserve enterprises, made every effort to track services, and planned to promote the standardized operation of enterprises above designated size, establish a modern enterprise system, improve legal person governance , Promoting the listing and listing of leading companies with considerable scale and main business. At present, there are 9 reserve companies such as a mining technology company, a catering service company, and a microelectronics company in the entire district. Accelerate the creation of the "copper official sector" of the capital market. At the same time, the district gives full play to the role of bank financing, making good use of bank -enterprise docking meetings, providing accurate financial services to the bridge, actively developing inclusive finance, and promoting the expansion of quantities such as "tax integration" and "renewal of bridge". Ensure that this year’s "tax integration" is 300 million yuan, and the "renewal loan crossing the bridge" has a turnover of more than 100 million yuan, which helps solve the financing problem of private and SMEs.

Explore and expand private direct financing channels such as listing financing, debt financing, private equity financing, actively introduce financial institutions such as small loans, guarantee, strengthen fund capital support, guide social capital such as a fund for equity financing, and promote new business enterprises. growing up very fast.

  In addition, the district focuses on the three major tasks of "serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reform", and strengthened small loan companies, financing guarantee companies, regional equity markets, pawn banks, financial leasing companies, commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies, and commercial factoring companies. Local asset management companies and investment companies, farmers’ professional cooperatives, social crowdfunding institutions, local exchanges such as "7+4" financial institutions have daily supervision, regulate the development of financial organizations, and carry out special actions for recovery of government financing guarantee institutions , Actively resolve the "zombie enterprise" debt risk, and effectively improve the overall ability of the industry to resist risk.

Improve the coordination mechanism, open up information resources sharing of information resources such as municipal supervision, courts, public security, Banking Insurance Supervision and other departments, strengthen the risk investigation of illegal financial activities such as P2P, various trading venues, key buildings and other areas. Illegal fund -raising activities in the name of equity investment, pension real estate investment, etc., effectively enhance the awareness of risk prevention, and contribute to the maintenance of socio -economic order and financial security and stability. (Tong Guanxuan).

This mouth is fast, there is no way to change it.。

Yue Lingfeng is swallowed.,Pupil。
Nodding hard。
“good,I see。”
I will save my sister tonight tonight.,He is very happy,But the impact of your heart is still unable to calm。
But rushing to Lu Yujun is maturing,Can give your sister a good future this,He raised his hands to agree with them.。
I can hear my sister and land.,He is still very excited,He took a deep breath.,Force yourself calm down。
“Song Dado,Thank you,Do we want to alarm??”
Song Yu:“Newspaper,Why not report?
This is a kidnapping,Yue Sheng’s finish,Yue family is finished。”
Song Yuxi slowly took the mobile phone to call alarm phone。
Yue Ling Fengxin suffocated,Rich people really can master people’s life and death。
He suddenly said:“Song Dado,Just now, there is no license。”
Song Xiao smiled,Take a shot of his shoulders,“rest assured,I will get it。”
Song Yu looked at his forehead,It should also be hurt in your body.。
“Small peak,Do you want to go to the hospital first??
The thing here is to deal with me.。”
Yue Lingfeng shook his head,Didn’t see your sister,He doesn’t go:“fine,I am leather injury,I am waiting with you and wait for the police.。”
Song Yu looked at him insisted,Nothing。
Take the paper towel to the Yue Lingfeng wipe the blood on the head,Yue Lingfeng color resistance,The wolf still can’t hide his handsome。
Song Yu wants,This Yue Lingfeng is also the existence of the peak.。
the other side,Lu Weijun looked at the positioning on the phone,Soon, catching the black sedan tied to Yue Lingxi。
Night color,Road light,High-rise on the distance, the neon lights flashing with dazzling light。
Lu Yi Jun Silicon,Deadly locked the front of the vehicle。
It is like a beast that was robbed.,Iris exudes a terrible breath。
Looking at the car stopped at the door of the hotel。
Lu Wei also stopped the car quickly,Follow,But I didn’t come up and save people.。
Lu Yujun shortly after getting off,Another luxurious black car parked in the intersection,From the car, four sturdy bodyguards。
Lu Weijun gave them news,The four people stop waiting for the roadside waiting。
Yue Lingxi is brought down by two men,See the moment of the hotel,Her heart is like a gray,She knows that the other party is Yue Sheng。
Only Yue Sheng will make such a thing。
“let me go,You let me go” Yue Lingxi force struggle,But after all is futile,She is quickly brought to the hotel,Directly sent to the elevator,Elevator directly to Yue Sheng’s floor。
Two men laughed:“Such a beautiful woman,Yue less is afraid that it is going crazy tonight.。”

Inner Mongolia University and Middle School students watch the "first lesson" -Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily On March 8th, the "First Lesson First Lesson First Class of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region University of Mongolia Autonomous Region" jointly recorded by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region and the Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Station. Organizes and other forms of concentrated watching.

  It is understood that the "first lesson of school" aims to fully implement the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improve Ideological and Political Work in the New Era", excavate realistic education resources such as the National Two Councils, and further strengthen the awareness education of the Chinese nation community.

The theme of the classroom is "Keeping in mind the northern Xinjiang", which is composed of four chapters including red memory, the power of the grass, the pomegranate flowers, and the future to the future. Through moving historical stories, vanguard model stories, and the stories of large and middle -aged students, they present a classroom with rich connotation and profound meaning. The motherland glows and heats. (Reporter Liu Zhixian) Original title: The district’s large and middle -aged students watch the "first lesson".

Gao Bao:“This thing will be fine at the time.。”

“This Fan is not a micro-service,Scene should be as big as possible。But these you don’t have to worry,I have already handed it over to Yang Wei.。”
Gao Yang open the curtain of the car,Founded in the West Gate of Yucheng,So I am not paying attention to Gao Baoyi.,I put it down the blank car!
Be uncomfortable,Gao Bo Yi was made with dust,Wolf。
“You go home yourself.,No need to accompany you,Oh, there is something!”
Put the next sentence,Yongle is driving the car to carry a high Yangjun.,And Gao Bao is a person who has passed by the city gate.。
What else can you say??Jun did not see that Yang Wei was born in the coffin by Gao Yang.?
Enter into the city,Come to a Tuen Nationality,Written on the door“Qi Qi Development Bank”Several gold big characters,Two kilograms of stone cattle outside the door。
Look,A show of hooves seems to be walking,One is a low head graze。
“The fish of the fish is really enough.。This couple,I don’t know what will I do.。”
Mrs. Yu Zanshan has a sage,Gao Boyi is just a little more points.,She will lend loans、Save money、The business of financing to buy and sell is getting up.。
And the fish is not a concept of money.,He only do something that must not be a countertop。
For example, what kind of people will borrow,How,How。Is there a head in a certain business?,How is the intensity of market competition?,What forces behind, etc.。
There is no need to be a countertop in these.,Avoiding Cui Biye,Bened by people。
As for the princess of the Heldion of the Bank of China,Then there is a woman who doesn’t know how much I don’t know.。She is just a banner,Used to condense people,Amulet used to cover the wind。
Before the autumn harvest, you should give the officials of the people.,It is also a tribute to Daihua Development Bank.。Gao Bao saw at the door,邺 邺 邺 小 吏 吏,It seems to be queued“Bill of lading”。
Holding a bill of lading,Go to the designated warehouse to receive food and cloth,Even if this is a half。
As for another part of the gold and silver plates.,It is sent by the special person to all the big gates.。so far,Everything is in order。
“no surprise,As long as the officials of the 邺 邺 are here to collect wages,Then there will be no one dare to make trouble.。”
Gao Bo Yi did not enter,But if you think about it, you will leave.。
NS639chapter plot(superior)
This day night,Yucheng’s mountain Wangfu Lights,Open the door to welcome guests。Changshan Wang Gong,Invite the younger brother Chang Guang Wang Gao Zhan,Go to the feast,Dreaming brothers friendship!
They have no avoidance of this kind of behavior,And telling the truth,Fellow brothers,Are in Yucheng,Walking and walking is normal。Go together,There is also a trust of Gao Zhan,North Qi Zong House High Yuanhai。
The high yuan sea is the son of Zhao Wang.,And Gao Song is a kind of Gao Huanzi,Non-personal,But there is a certain blood relationship,Generally the same surname。
So according to the generation,The high-yuan sea is a high-andhan nephew。
This person has always been a heart to the sky.,But the role of 尴尬 role。
North Qi book said this person“May the mountain,Practice。Promise。Take the hill,Two years,Abandoned personnel,Do not solidify,Check。Remind,Very vivid wine,Guangatai。In addition to the leader,Major,Quite self-satisfaction。”
Simply put, there is not much book.,I am very thoughtful。
Major,This word is used in this person.。
I just came out from the mountain before the sea.,Later, I followed Gao Zhan.,Make a proposal。obviously,This year, Gao Zhan has dropped first.,There is no relationship with his plan。
certainly,It doesn’t rule out that Gao Yang feels that Gao Zhan has no threat.,So the sorry will be a little bit loose on the twice of the opponent’s neck.。
Not big one in the hall,Sitting four people on the dinner。
In addition to high performance and high brothers,Gao Qian Wang Hao and high yuan sea are also。
At this time, a steamed big squid is placed on the table.,Soy sauce with a bean fragrant,Let the forefinger are big。
It’s just a strange thing.,The trend of this era is“Divergence”,Hole food is divided,Send it to the table in front of them,Not like this now,Several people eat a fish。
“This fish is very large,Divided into four copies。So I will recommend that Wang Ye is completely put on the table.,Everyone eats together。Don’t mind if you are in the Hall。”
Wang Yuke’s set of high-profile,It means a deep concern:“Ambiguous,Looking also is also indecent。I can’t even see it.,How can I have an appetite??”

Ningbo: 4091 fishing boats are about to enter the Fuxu Restaurant

  From 12 o’clock on May 1st, the East China Sea "sealed the sea". In addition to other types of fishing vessels and fishing auxiliary vessels in Ningbo, a total of 4091 fishing vessels should enter the marine voltage season fishing period.

Among them, the city’s Xiangshan, Fenghua, and Ninghai should have a total of 3,841 fishing vessels. The remaining districts (counties, cities) should be 250, the total number increased slightly compared with previous years, and the longest fishing time was 4 and a half months.

  From May 8th to August 1st, the sale of fishing, big yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, silver cricket, cowona, triple wart crab, tap fish, shrimp, and shrimp -sacrifice (except fishing Except for the industry) and living aquatic products (including temporary maintenance) and other illegal illegal fishing objects.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Ningbo, compared with previous years, in the 2022, the Fishing District of Mackerel Reserve was newly added, and fishery law enforcement was further increased. From March 1st to July 31st, all fishing production is prohibited within the scope of the Xiangshan Port Malaccon Genre Resource Reserve. After the start of the full rest, Ningbo City will continue to keep an eye on the three key areas of the sea, the port, and the market, strictly fight and steal the arrest, strictly control the fishing vessels, and strictly investigate the violations of fisheries.

  It is reported that since 2022, fishery law enforcement agencies at all levels of Ningbo City have collaborated on multi -party forces to jointly promote the "spring thunder operation" of fishery production safety, the mackerel reserves forbidden fishing, and the ban on fishing in the Yongjiang Water System. , To carry out high -frequency and joint enforcement inspections such as maritime patrols and on -site governors. As of April 28, Ningbo City had conducted a total of 1668 inspections, 10201 law enforcement officers, 1105 law enforcement boats, and accumulated 3,106 fishing boats, ordered 1190 hidden dangers to rectify on -site rectification, ordered 317 hidden dangers to rectify hidden dangers within a time limit. 38 rectifications were suspended; 443 administrative penalties were investigated and handled, with a fine of more than 2.34 million yuan; 7 administrative detention cases, 9 personnel involved; 120 ships involved in fishing. The frequency of law enforcement and penalties have been greatly improved compared to previous years.

(Responsible editor: Ai Yutao, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

“I rely on!”

Han Jiang was shocked,This got a shipper?
The ship’s transport ship can be on the battlefield,Use this vocabulary,Let Han Jiang feel very incredible,How long is this?。
It is the commander of Fuhua too amazing,Or this transport ship is also interested in Otto.?
Can send this fierce to leave,What is the price of a transport ship?。
Han Jiang is more inclined to,Fuhua is a full-time staff,It should be Outo。
Two people go straight to the second port of floating island,The people in the transport ship are all respectful to stand on the ship.。
“Bother,Douglas。”Han Jiang saw a familiar person at a glance。
Fuhua asked:“Who is?”
Han Jiang’s situation:“Caslan family,I have seen a few faces before.,The last Santa Feria school female Wu god test, I also played with me.,do not you remember?”
“Who can remember this small role?。”Fuhua does not care about the shipping ship。
Douglas is cautious to look at Hanjiang,Serious road:“Don’t you get inch?,We are only responsible for sending you and the adult to the designated location.,Can’t release private enmity!”
Han Jiang cut a sound,I didn’t look at it in my eyes.,It is understood that。
Douglas only has a bitter laughter,I used to be the same level of competitors.,It can now follow this adult’s headquarters headquarters,How to compete in the future。
Distance from Fu Lai,It seems farther。
“This group of people can still。”
Fuhua did not go to the bridge,I found a lounge lying on the couch。
“Not too much,Honestly,It should be an Otto。”
“It is estimated。”Fuhua also failed。
It seems that Outo and Fuhua have also reached a certain agreement.,Otherwise, it will not be so flatteen to accept this transport ship.。
“So where are you going this time??”
“World Snake Headquarters。”
After the world snake surfaced,Headquartered in a city that is completely collapsed in the north continent。
They don’t need to protect civilians,Don’t care about your location,Previous purposes are also hidden,But only recently began to unscrupulous。
“Come from。”Fuhua called the battleship communication。
In less than half a minute Douglas ran over,Friendly standing around the side。
“What is the name of this battleship??”
“Dem Both。”Douglas replied。
“Really suffer。”Fu Hua,“Change a name。”
“The battleship is already yours.,The name is free to name it.。”Douglas is still a time。
“Hey,Boy,You said that this battleship is better.?”Fuhua asked Han Jiang Yang Yang Yang。
Han Jiang didn’t say these minds:“Just called the Fu Hua,Anyway, this is your own thing.。”
“That is called Han Jiang.。”
“do not want。”Han Jiang refused。
“why,I think Han Jiang is very good.,The warship, you also take it.,Anyway, I don’t care about this thing.,Be my younger brother, can of course you can’t stand you.。”
“You give me, I will definitely,But don’t call Han Jiang。”Han Jiang got angry。
“What’s wrong,Name the battleship with your name,More handsome,You will be the warship of this battleship.!”Fuhua said it is quite happy.。
Han Jiang,Shiberi installed the main gun of the moonlight throne,There will be more parts that belong to the Moonlight throne in the future.,He can’t attract a transport ship in the district,Nothing big deal。
Looking at the name of the two people debate the warship,Douglas heart is in the blood。
Generally speaking,Whether it is the main station ship or transport ship,Both burning money,At least three to five female Wu gods teams on each battleship,Only exceptionally strong female Wu Shenqi will have an independent battleship,But this small number is not a few。

Badminton German Open: Li Shizhen lost to Jonatan Tomoda Hyato and was eliminated

Original title: Badminton Germany Open: Li Shizhen lost to Jonatin Tomoda Hyato and was eliminated by Xinhua News Agency, Milheim, Germany, March 9th (Reporter Liu Ye) 2022 World Badminton Tour German Open’s first round of the second round. In Japan, the Chinese team ’s teenager Li Shizhen lost to Indonesian famous player Jonatan, men’ s singles 2 seeds, and Japanese famous players Momoda Hyato defeated in the “civil war” with his teammates Nishimoto. The 22 -year -old Li Shizhen challenged No. 6 seeds and Indonesian famous Jonatin. Following the Three Fun Three in the Three Funs of the Three Funs of the Three Funs, he lost to the opponent 1: 2 again. The score of the three innings was 16: 21, 21: 18 and 15:21. The decisive bureau was interrupted due to the injury of Li Shizhen’s foot injury. He simply handled the battle again, but eventually failed to reverse. After the game, Li Shizhen said in an interview that after the World Championships, he had been in the process of recovery in injury, and there was very little confrontation training.

"Until the arrival of Germany, the wounds on the soles of the feet were not completely good, so the training was not systematic.

Although I have full psychological preparations for Jonatan, the rhythm in the high -intensity confrontation is somewhat unable to keep up.

"Another Chinese men’s singles player Zhao Junpeng defeated Indian player Dai 21: 15, 21: 8.

The biggest unpopular that day came from Momoda Hyato. He defeated in the "civil war" with his teammates Nishimoto, and the score of the two innings was 23: 21, 21: 9.

  Han Yue lost one game at 20:22 in the women’s singles with French players, and then won two games with 21: 8, 21: 7 consecutive games.

He Bingjiao eliminated the Japanese star Doshima on 22: 20 and 21: 17. The four pairs of women’s doubles players in the first round of the Chinese team won the top 16. In addition to Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting, who has been promoted on the 8th, in the 9th game, Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu eliminated the Korean group Bai Hena/Li Youlin with two 21:16 21:16; Du Yan/Li Wenmei took 32 minutes in the use of 21: 21: 6, 21: 9 Lightly take the German group Evrer/Hitrick. The Seed 1 of the Race and the World Championship champion Chen Chichen/Jia Yifan eliminated the England group Biki/Pepi with 21: 15, 21: 9. In the mixed doubles competition, the Tokyo Olympic champion Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping defeated Danish combination Titri/Ma Elon 21: 14, 21: 18. Huang Yaqiong, the silver medalist of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and the new partner Ou Yiyi, in the case of the first game, reversed the victory over the Danish group Christian Sen/Boye, with a score of 16: 21, 21:16 and 21:14.

The two pairs of Chinese combinations will meet in the next round. In addition, the men’s doubles combination He Jiting/Zhou Haodong defeated the French group Derlu/Viri at 21: 15 and 21: 16. (Responsible editor: Xu Wenjin, Xu Yongxin).

“A person who can contend with the king of the sea eagle,How could it be a student,This damn fat Lu,Didn’t tell us that there is such a character。”Yan Zhen said。

“I guess Lin Zhao didn’t tell him,Fatty Lu only knew before leaving,Otherwise in his current situation,How dare to deceive us?”Yan Xu said。
“He is hiding on the island now,We can’t deal with him。”Yan Zhen said coldly。
Yan Zhen doesn’t want to take risks。
Once in the magic island,He couldn’t last long inside without preparing the grass beads,If you are entangled by the Sea Eagle Emperor or that mysterious man,Can’t get out,That over time,I am more dangerous。
Lin Zhaoda’s teaching is dead。
Zhenhailing is in her hands again。
It doesn’t matter even if one or two survive,They don’t have any evidence that they did it all by themselves。
of course,In case,It’s better if you don’t keep alive。
“We just stay outside for a few days,Don’t need us to do it,The Sea Eagle King will kill them all。”Yan Zhen gave a cruel smile。
“father,Do you think this Zhenhailing can really control the voodoo tide?,The voodoo tide is so powerful,If we can control,Do many countries in Nihai obey us??”Yan Xu said。
“We went to that island,Isn’t it just to find this tidal secret?,No wonder no matter how you kill them,None of them said,It turns out that this voodoo tide was formed using their blood to sacrifice to the sea,With this thing,Our Yan clan will soon be able to rule this Nehai clan,Those masters、monarch、king、All the queens have to kneel at our feet!!”Yan Zhen’s eyes sparkled。
“Hehe,The little queen of Naxiayu……Dare to slap me,I just invited her to drink with me,She dare to slap me a few times,I must slap her back in the rest of her body!!”Yan Xu showed a wicked smile!
“Since their Xiayu royal family dared to shake our faces,They are destined to be our slaves!”Yan Zhen said。

First Observation · Records | The time of Xi Jinping in the eyes of Xinhua News Agency reporters

Since 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attended 10 consecutive times for the National Two Associations and representative members of the Communist Party of China.Come to listen to their telling … Total planning: Fu Hua Planning: Zhang Su Tang Monential: Zhao Chenghuo Xiaoguang Coordinated: Qiu Hongjie Zhang Xiaosong, Jupeng Wang Xuan Zhu Dongju: Taski Photography: Zhang Qiao Zhang Wen Jiang Zhiqiang Zhang Shuang Zhao Bo EditingReporter: Huo Xiaoguang Zhang Xiaosong Zhu Ji, Ju Peng, Li Tao, Xie Huanchi Shen Hongyan Editor: Yang Wenrong Wu Jingjing Hao Xiaoying Zhang Huihui Zhu Gaoxiang Photo: Martial Arts Studio Xinhua News Agency produced in Xinhua News Agency first studio.

When Shen Xuan’s words,obviously,For these things。

In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Shen Xuan now,It is completely unfinished.。
The more like this,In fact, I saw it here.,Shen Xuan’s face,It is a smile that is filled with a touch of smile.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to solve it in the end。
In fact, Wu Ding Tao looks like,anyway,Such a thing,It is necessary to increase your strength to solve it.,This is the key。
slowly,See here,At this time, Shen Xuan,It’s put on the front of you.。
“All right,So much nonsense now,What is it??”
“Are you not confident for yourself?,Since things have been here,So next,Even though come。”
When Shen Xuan said on this,obviously,For these things。
In fact, Shen Xuan is now,It has already been completely seen.。
The more you now,In fact, in front of you,Wu Ding Tao’s face,That expression is even more。
“Humph,Shen Xuan,I don’t care if you are.。”
“but now,Your dare to trade our sin,So next,Your end is only one,That is a dead road。”
When Wu Dingtao said on this。
Even even those Wu family’s guards,Also brushing, looking at this。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to solve it in the end。
As,It is nothing to say.。
The more like this,In fact, the next thing,one way or another,Still completely, this is necessary to completely handle it.,This is the key。
Although things have been,But next these things,What should I plan to deal with these?。
Shenxuan at this time,It is more short.。
“Although now,Don’t want to say this,But next,I feel,In fact, there is still this necessary,It’s the key to completely solving this thing.。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, now,Shen Xuan itself,Don’t I think it is completely?。
And these Wujia’s guards,It is a bit more excited.。
“In this case,So let’s everyone,Still talking to him so much nonsense??”
“Yes,Who said is not?,Anyway, now we have firmly grasped such a good opportunity.,So let’s everyone,Still do you have to go out and say。”
“It’s so saying.,But you all,Didn’t you see it??”
“This Shenxuan,Absolutely not so simple, you can deal with。”
The more like this,Surroundings,It is the more excited manifestation.。
As for Shen Xuan,It is very lightweight.。
After all, I will follow it.,In fact, Shen Xuan has already set up an idea.。
slowly,I looked at the eye.。
At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,It is completely unfinished.。
“A bit of meaning,But now,In fact, you are expressing,Still too much, strong people。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, when Shen Xuan watched his eyes,Shenxuan’s face,Surroundings,It is a look that it is exported.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,It’s time,It should have this necessary time to solve it.。
As for Shen Xuan’s side,Everyone in other war temple,It is the face to face each other.,Completely exported。