From the existence of objective understanding of snow

Understanding from the snow last night before going to sleep there is objectivity also specifically went outside and looked there was no snow, the quiet campus midnight the night only made the extreme cold bright incandescent solar street lights stood quietly roads, the whole body is covered with snow in Cypress, according to holly, and other seasonal plants is about to wake up, once again urged into dormancy this merciless cold, the entire campus is covered with white snow tightly, obviously two colors in stark contrast, also gave the world a very reasonable explanation, Vientiane this is so black and white and occupy the balance of things in the world.According to common sense, last year’s drought led to the growth of the plant affected by a series of bacteria rampant, serious contamination of air quality, look forward to the next one through the snow is everyone’s wish, but when this comes through the snow after the earth, bring people of mixed feelings, running amok flu has been effectively controlled, and therefore a wide range of haze disappear, because all things the rain while waiting for a reserve force of the outbreak of another life, for us it is snow, on nutrition can nourish all things considered, but North China, the earth’s another area for them, and that is a disaster, the face of such consequences, Zhang Chongming insignificant man can not stop the pace ahead of the disaster, only later extend a helping help those strangers do not know, because people are very small in the face of disaster, but also because nature will balance each other, people will have endless demand imbalance, somewhere people will bear this balance brought about.Sleep was awakened by a harsh campus radio is a very painful thing, constantly ringing ears have been very loud melodious song of songs, sounds really awkward at this time, but also feel a bit noisy and restless, sweet dreams are interrupted, so cold weather is simply lying in the warm bed a very happy thing, he was awakened eyes reluctantly narrowed looked at the window, not big bright day, still sleepy for a while , hard eyes closed, head and ears want to avoid as far as possible from outside interference, even though the upper and lower eyelids are crowded in some ache or can not stand in the way of this wonderful noise, hey, willpower is not strong, anti-interference ability thinking or weak, can not, get up.He stretched himself reluctantly from the bed drilled out, although the outside is cold in fact the house is still very warm, northern winter people are born in the house against the cold stove, hurry and get dressed, come down to earth the cover of night shook his stove, an instant see smoke whistling sound, open houses are a sight that really shocked me, the real snow, the genuineness of snow, the entire campus, or even the whole world all wrapped up snow white snow, if there is no trees, then you will not tell heaven, earth, trees, street lights already off icy cold standing next to a concrete road.As the saying goes: snow is not cold eliminate snow and cold out of the warm places Office room, flowing air is not very cold indeed, we had hands in their pockets, also exposed in the air, though not cold, but the subconscious has been formed natural motion, rubbing his hands at each other, looking up at the dark sky snow goose feather pieces leisurely slowly falling, the ground has been off the thick layer of snow white people watching this new fall pity, it is clear that the level of people could not help think of a warm feeling down, leading to the school building in the middle of a concrete road, in front of the room and dormitory cement ground, dormitory on the road, it has obviously been cleaned out a path, although constantly falling snow covered once again sweeping over in the place, but it is clear that the color difference can distinguish the place clean nice place with no cleaning.Morning temperatures are a bit lower so the sky slowly float the snow, elementary school principal to get up early to pick up a broom from the school gate to faculty offices, students from the dormitory to the classroom building obviously cleaned out two roads and see the head snow covered with the film’s principals, really admire the huge campus a person silently sweeping students, teachers go through every inch of the place, and could not say anything, the teachers gathered slowly into the ranks of the snow come, of course, I am no exception, bent down and picked up the broom a broom, with a fall between white snowflake with the earlier landing in the dust broom, mix together, snow white color is not in itself make people talk about the mere mention of dust dirty dust also lost the color itself, I feel like people just born that kind of ignorance, fought in the earth after the loss of the true will become even become filthy. The teacher students are mixed together to clean the snow, because the day before had melted some snow turned into water, after a night of torment after finally turned to ice, so the first is a layer of ice on the concrete floor, which is called the armor-piercing, and then the layer of snow on top of ice, we just sweep the ice on top of snow, ice and has not been cleaned up, clear the snow in our time continue to have parents send their children to school, when parents put let the children themselves into the front of the school when their children to school, but the school gate steep concrete, of course, wearing a layer of armor, the children go weak body in this layer of ice above, we can imagine would be what results, 5 m long steep small child actually fell 2 wrestle, looking distressed parents, teachers see snow distressed to see the presence of distressed students, several students were at the door fell wrestle, specially the last arrange larger of the two older students leaning on the door of dedicated students at the door, to avoid falling again, and arrange a teacher brought a salt sprinkled on the slopes this way, an instant to be armor-piercing melted.Maybe the universe is such that if there is no people’s wanton destruction, will not see chaos in the organic integration of innocence; no wrestling in snow and ice on the road, it will not cause people to raise awareness of security; there is no land of armor-piercing, people do not know salt can direct ablation of snow and ice; it was too worldly things are bound to exist, it is reasonable and allelopathy, so everything is very harmonious and constant.