Think about life sentiment as chess

Life is like chess, I was soldier, although able to move forward, but the outcome is still hovering around; life is like chess, I am for the car, although able to ride the battlefield, but it is still impossible to escape inch of land; life is like chess, as I will, although able to command a thousand men, but merely that caged bird!Life is like chess, Lazi no regrets, a careless move, round loser.I believe every person playing chess have had such a deep understanding of broke our experience: In case the situation is excellent, because a careless move, scattered a child, changed the situation worsened, thousands of miles of dikes, destroyed by ants hole.From everywhere passive, defensive everywhere.  Life, too, was a critical moment if the wrong step, step by step from wrong, are unlikely to want to go back.Without fire, and then back for a century has been such examples abound.To win the chess game of life, just down to earth take every step, every step, slowly and surely, can only regret the life out of the road.  Between small board, changing.We should not only every inch of the overall situation, but also the need for a critical moment ton output capacity, the city abandoned homes to the courage and determination; it is necessary to act according to circumstances, to cope with the changing situation, and the need to maintain the inherent principles and positions, not to lose the way forward; both revel forward, make contributions and the need for homeopathic retire, play it safe.  Life is like chess, the opponent is our environment, some people could have foreseen ten steps, as well as dozens of steps, rainy day, striking.Some people see only a few steps away, and even take things one step.In the master strokes of time, often miscalculated step, lose the whole game; but the master chess, facing the mess, but could twists and turns, way out.Some people play chess, Lazi flying, but busy in the wrong; some people start because of misgivings, resulting in stretched, both ways.Some people play chess, until the last minute, never admit defeat; some people play chess, slight improvement in the situation is not good, sacrifice to surrender.We want to correct their attitude, the courage to face, to go beyond, the pursuit of life should be a real chess game.  The more pieces under the less, life is getting shorter.However, untimely fall the wrong piece, then we need to redouble their distress to cope with the situation collaborated.But one by one the pieces away from the office, the more is left less, the more they have to carefully lower.Win, of course, pretty successful; lose, but also Lazi no regrets.Life is like a chess game, was placed positive position, then the success of!On the contrary, the failure!  Life is like chess, the pieces like a role reversal positioning of each chess piece has its own position.Normally, we always prefer a strong lethal car robbers, horses, guns and so on, but we despise the weak pawns like son.In fact, eventually destroy Huanglong, to defeat the enemy, but it can often be a humble pawns.As the critical moment, weights skillfully deflected the question, is different, just not in the right place.Similarly, people in social life plays a different role, each person’s role is only different division of labor, with no weight or distinction.Therefore, do not complain about his fate, not to give in, as long as that holds a firm belief in ordinary jobs, it can also be a career to fate.The ordinary as you can nurture great, and they can make up the ordinary.  Life is like chess, but life is not as simple as a game of chess.Life is not a born winner, we need to adjust their failure in, but also enthusiastic in the event of setbacks, hardships, relentless pursuit.There is a good song to sing: not through wind and rain, how rainbow?Nobody can casually succeed.Difficulties and setbacks are inevitable in everyone’s life factors, the so-called strong it is that the failures and setbacks energy into forward momentum and show amazing perseverance and indomitable will in the course of the struggle, the final success people.In life, as long as you have a positive attitude and a strong will to continue learning and create a favorable environment, the struggle will become the stage for the battle of your platform to show themselves.