Tiger Spring origins

Longjing tea (one of China’s top ten tea), Tiger Spring in Hangzhou Su said Shuangjue.Tiger Spring is how to do?It is said that long ago there are two brothers, and a younger brother were big tiger tigers.Two human and great strength, a year the two came to Hangzhou, to Ann, who lives in a small monastery now Tiger’s.They told the monks, where drinking water is difficult to turn a few Pandaoling to carry water, the brothers say, as long as live, carry water do we pack, so the monk shelter brothers.One summer, drought, no rain, brook dried up, and draft more difficult.One day, the brothers think of wandering through the Hengshan Mountain Boy spring, such as the Boy spring can shift like Hangzhou.The brothers decided to go to Hengshan shift Boy spring, all the way back and forth, fainted when the foot of the Mountain, the onset of the storm, the wind stopped after the rain stopped, They woke up, I saw standing in front of a child holding a willow branch this is a small tube Boy spring fairy.They listened to the little fairy after telling switchgrass a finger, water sprinkled They who, instant, two brothers became two gorgeous tiger, the tiger jumped back child.Tiger sky and shouts loudly, with Boy spring straight away in Hangzhou.The old monk and villagers at night had a dream, dream big tiger, two tigers become the Tigers, the Boy spring moved to Hangzhou, a spring dawn there.The next day, the sky Rays ten thousand, two tigers from heaven, Chuk Yuen Tigers next to the temple, front paws dig and soon dig a pit, a sudden storm comes up, after the rain stopped, I saw the deep springs gush into a pit, we understand, is certainly a large tiger and tigers brought them spring.To commemorate the big tiger and tigers, they gave from the spring named Tiger plane Springs.Later, to unhesitatingly called the Tiger Spring.Tiger Spring Longjing with bubble, excellent color, flavor, tea room Tiger today, you can enjoy drinking this great bis.