He remembers test whether the original agreement

Whether you are already separately, or together, always some good memories, such as the original agreement.Do you remember, in the good old, you and I meet, stare linger, reluctant wife, forget the loving eyes of each other.Years later, can still remember the original agreement, you are my sweetest memories.Cece together, whether he remembered the original agreement, the sweet sadness to us.  1, fall in love, you are he called the “baby” it?  Never → 2 → are called day 42, middle of the night, when practicing next door neighbor, and this has seriously interfere with the sound of your sleep, in general, how would he do it?  Endured advise you lie in bed, hold on and soon fell asleep → 3 direct knock on his door politely reminded → 5 3, what happens when the following things, it will make you feel nervous?  Horror movies when (the old feeling of someone behind) → 5 Your crush of people suddenly call you (tension are afraid to pick up) → 7 4, one day you say you want to eat watermelon to him, and let him go inside the supermarket to buy but there was no supermarket watermelon, apples and bananas only, and do you think he’ll buy you what alternatives do?  Apple → 5 bananas → 6 5, do you talked about an arranged marriage, he felt an arranged marriage or love object is non-specific and parents together, it will be happy,?  → 7 → 9 does not necessarily shown in Figure 6, if contact one day she called him of his childhood, has not met for more than ten years between them, you feel after meeting him will first say?  Long time no see → 8 does not speak → 10 7, your boyfriend birthday, heterosexual friends asked him to lunch at a restaurant, you just happened to be there too, so you have joined their dinner, you point another eat package, after the meal, he would pay for it?  buy!The couple eat other people do not buy unsuitable → 8?Has always been people treat ~~ → 9 8, if we must make a choice, he would choose the following as the Marriage who do?  Dwarf dwarfish poor, but there is meaning, depth, and taste → 11 rich, multi-room multi-car, but the brain empty of people → 12 9, if the loss of life during World War II, he would choose?  As a soldier killed → 10 were tortured to death in fascist concentration camps → 14 10 with a fascist, if you find your other half cheating, how would you do?  He immediately broke → 11 pumping a slap in the face and then broke → 12 11, the day when he went to the sauna bath, picked up a gold ring in the bathroom, how would he do it?  Give you back out to sell → 13 → 15 12, if one day you go out outing, lost in the mountains, being unable to do anything, but fortunately seems to have a distance to the lights, he felt it would be a what kind of car it?  Ordinary private car taxi → 13 → 14 13, one day you together to pressure the road and suddenly came across a beautiful temperament, you think you’re the man to see a woman first glance what is it?  A, chest → 14 B, the facial → 15 14 ,, daily life because one day you had a big fight, turned angry he stormed out of a.Do you think when he felt particularly sad when he does things usually go out to do something?  Crazy play games → A and B → 15 friends get drunk, he would talk, because to see your “are input.”And quietly deleted his own play finished, and did not wait for you sent me then send it?  Society, he is a more thoughtful person → d will not continue to write you want to say →?Test results: A, do not remember whether you have been together or separately, he has no recollection of your original agreement.Previously, you are together, there is always lots of love, then, intimate behavior, ambiguous look.And now, with him, you are always a person telling you, talking about, he seemed to listen.But when you ask “Wait, we go to eat good?”He looked blankly at you.Tell you that he is a “human heart in Cao Ying Han”.Soon, his body and mind have to go to the “Han” the.He’s now even you do not remember, let alone what the agreement before it, so if it is already breaking up, then do not go to think of him, he remembers the discretion not remember the original agreement it.  B, and occasionally think of him only occasionally and idle time will remember, once your initial agreement.At first, he likes to depict the future together with your vision, think about the future, and make all kinds of planning.And for months, he no longer mention the “future”, even if brought by you, he is evasive about words, and other.This suggests that his future plans already without you, do not waste your brain cells, with feelings of financial resources.If it has been separated, then do not go to restore, as always hate the old man, only in his boring time will think there is such a person, and I have done those silly convention.  C, if it is already separated, he would have forced himself to forget if it is separated, he will be forced himself to forget your original agreement, to change your hairstyle, clothing, decorative accessories and other small, and even the mood of small waves, he can be found in the first time, these people have been together and you do not need words to communicate, both tacit understanding not an outsider can understand, often as long as able to understand each other a look.Because he cares about you, he watching you.If you are not separate, then he will keep that in mind, even if it occasionally did not expect to go up there, but if you ask him, he will answer immediately out.  d, never forget this type of person is very simple very good, as long as he likes on the other side will feel super happy.His state of mind is very mature, regardless of work or daily life, he can be very calm enjoyment, but catching it is difficult to love yourself.Whether you are still together or have been separated, you first agreement is the driving force of his advance, he will always remember in my mind, oh.If you have separated, there is a chance you can try to retain, such a person will give you happiness.The first constellations original articles, please indicate the source and link to the first constellation Home