Curse。“What dog thing,You can say this?”

I heard Qin Feng’s words,Angry Xiao Hei rushed to Qin Feng again。
The latter has already been prepared,When you see Xiao Hei moving。
However, Qin Feng placed the submachine gun and sniper rifle in the inner courtyard when he came here.,Just brought a pistol。
But this time,Qin Feng discovered that Xiao Hei was able to completely avoid his bullet trail。
“Humph,What about modern industrial equipment?Firearms have a certain trajectory,Which is the trajectory of the shooting。Old men like us have long been able to take a serpentine pace based on the direction you swing the gun.。You want to hit me!”
Elder Xiaohei just finished speaking,Then he already came to Qin Feng and slapped out again。
Qin Feng was photographed flying again,He doesn’t want to get up now。Because he felt that his internal organs were about to shatter with a palm。
Let this attack come again,Qin Feng felt that he could only go to see King Yan。
At this moment he wants to escape,But it’s hard to get up。
Subsequently,I don’t know why,His ears started to ring in his ears again。
“I go,It’s really negative,Will it continue to become negative after another??”Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain about his own body function。
I always feel like I have discovered something extraordinary。
and so,At the moment when Elder Xiaohei wants to make up,Qin Feng made a relatively rolling motion。It happened to avoid the opponent’s attack because of this action。
Qin Feng stood up trembling again。
“Old thief,I warn you,If you come again,I will let you see God!”Qin Feng said with a serious face。
However, Elder Xiaohei doesn’t agree at all,“Haha,Just because you want to kill me?come,I want to see if young people today have this ability to speak big words。Let me see if your catty is enough!”