Although Liu Neng is now,Still looks very suspicious,But even if it is suspicious,I can’t understand why Xiao Fan suddenly persuaded Lin Yuner and Liu Chunlan to change their minds.,But as long as the money arrives in my account after a while,Then everything is easy to say, right??

Only when the money is in your account is it true,Everything else is fake。
Liu Neng noticed that everyone was silent,So he smiled and came to Xiao Fan’s side,And then said to him:“Xiao Fan,Grandpa doesn’t believe you,I just want to confirm with you again,The investment you just mentioned must be true,Not teasing grandpa,is not it?”
Xiao Fan smiled,To Liu Neng:“Grandpa,Look at what you said,Yoona said just now,Let me represent him,If you don’t believe me,So Yuna, the chairman of the Lin Group,You should believe it。”
Liu Neng looked at Lin Yoona who was sitting next to Xiao Fan,Look left and right,I didn’t see half of Lin Yoona’s unwillingness on Lin Yoona.,The stone in my heart that has been hanging in the air,Also disappeared immediately。
He glanced at Wang Dahua and Liu Guangguang triumphantly,These two people are also very excited at this moment。
The two held each other’s hand excitedly,Especially Liu Guangming,In addition to excitement, there is a hint of regret。
Looks like Xiao Fan agreed so well,The two million I made just now seems to be less。
I blame this Lin Yoona,I’m joking with myself when I’m idle,Blame her,This stinky girl,See how you can fix her when you look back,Let’s make you comfortable for a while,In a while,After the money is in my account,Let’s take care of everything else。
Lin Yuner looks at Liu Guangjing,Relying on her years of experience as the chairman,For Liu Guangguang’s thoughts at this moment,Lin Yuner estimated that it was only able to come out seven to eight points。
Although I don’t know what Xiao Fan is going to do,But as far as she has always understood Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan would never let his family’s money be stolen by the Liu family so easily。
“Xiao Fan,Do you need to discuss with Yoona again?,This investment,How much do you plan to invest,Although at least two million is enough,But since it is a 100% money-making project,I suggest you guys,It’s better to vote more,After all, such a good opportunity is not common,right?”Liu Neng can see Xiao Fan and they agree,and so,A reserve price of two million,I suddenly became unbalanced in my heart。
so,He didn’t give up on one of his actions,In Liu Neng’s opinion anyway,Even if Xiao Fan disagrees,There are at least two million,But seeing their family promised so happy,At this moment,In case I’m happy, Liu Cun has a lot more,Maybe it’s,dont you agree?