As a Tathagata Buddha with only three steps,Facing such an evil emperor,Have to be cautious。

“What a pity!”Emperor Yequan shook his head,As if still talking。
But abrupt,He directly used his fierce reputation‘Secrets of Night Spring’。
I saw his pale skin,Abruptly expand in all directions,Like a huge cloth bag,The mouth of the cloth bag produces monstrous suction and envelopes the Buddha。Look inside the huge white cloth bag,Can only see darkness。
The huge white cloth bag flew quickly,The cloth bag mouth envelopes the Tathagata,At the same time, an ugly huge face suddenly appeared in the mouth of the bag,That is the face of Emperor Yequan,That face with open mouth,The teeth in the mouth are like endless blade purgatory,Bite directly towards the Tathagata,I want to chew and eat the Tathagata。
Amitabha!”Face such an attack,Tathagata did not keep any hands,His hands folded,Then take a palm shot。
Of means‘Complex’,He is the weakest among the three realms,Even if you are now the Three-step Taoist,The means are still very few。
But means‘less’Which means‘fine’!
That is the continuous sublimation of a simple palm。
In the realm of true gods,The palm of the Buddha is a big world。
Now three steps,The palm of the Buddha,Close to one territory。
“boom~”The palm of his hand collided with the secret technique of Emperor Yequan,Tathagata took three steps back,The bag failed to swallow him and chew,Bombarded again。
“Snapped~”Another palm,Tathagata once again opens the distance with this secret technique。
Tathagata,It’s all in one palm of attack, defense, suppression!