The first "Colombian people see China" short video contest successfully held

Contest poster. The Chinese Embassy in Columbia is available to the People’s Network Rio de Janeiro November 16th (Reporter Wu Jie) Local time November 15th night, the first Huawei Cup "Colombian people watch China" short video contest ended successfully.

Former Colombia President Sanpel, the brother’s TV station Taiwanese, the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, Xu Wei, etc., attended the online awards ceremony and delivered speeches. Xu Wei Dynasty said that the video of the players short, but reflects the deep affection of the people in the brothers, is the messengers of China’s cultural exchanges, hoping to work together, and write a new Chinese chapter of the friendship between China. Former Santell, the president said that everyone uses simple words, real pictures, and touching stories, vividly reproduces the development of China’s various fields to Colombia and the world, reflecting the great achievements of the Communist Party of China to build a unremitting struggle.

Garcia Templeholders believe that the short video contest provides a multicolored cultural exchange platform for the people of the brothers. The players tell the story of China’s touching story, making the audience an eye, opened another new window to understand China and cognition China.

According to the Chinese Embassy Culture, Zhu Xiaoyan, Zhu Xiaoyan, which is strong, 30 judges, including the former ministers, the university principal, the public, the public, and the civil art world. After fierce competition, the founder of the dance studio, Estrida, Cruise ship crew Karlus, Engineers Games got crown, sub-and quarterly.

Elena, the leader in the Queen of Columbia, Dians and partner in the Huami, 13-year-old, middle brother, cross-border marriage, a child, 14-year-old students, Rui Sheng, 5-year-old children, Zhang Yi people, won the best popularity, best creation , Optimal clip, best subject, best performance, etc.

The winner of the champion, Estrada has studied life in China for five years, not only to feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, but also dumped by China’s rich music dance, she studses the Chinese national dance, teaching Chinese people Lama dance in Erssa. After returning to Colombia, she continued the exchange of music dance in her dance studio. The contest was held by the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese and Foreign Language Cooperation Center, the Chinese Bridge Club Bogota Station, CCTV Visual Channel, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and other units.

The historical name of the historic city of the award ceremony was popular with the audience. Briefhoter Video.

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