Shi Yuankai: Integrate the concept of transforming medicine into the medical innovation system

March 11, 2021 13:01 Source: Shi Yuankai, Vice President of Tumor Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Chen Chen photo, Beijing, March 11 (Reporter Du Yanfei) Recently, the 2021 National Second Session "Healthy Chinese" Series Round Table Forum was held in Beijing by the Health China Action Promotion Committee Office. In the special forum of the theme "to promote local medical innovation, help healthy China", Shi Yuankai, deputy dean of the Cancer Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the starting point and the foothold of life scientific research are inseparable from clinical, and will integrate medical concept into medical innovation. The system can better use innovative achievements to the people.

Shi Yuankai said in the forum, the problem that life science needs to be solved can be explained as "treating people." The acquisition and drug research and development of the "treatment of the disease" knowledge is inseparable from the clinical. In this process, it is necessary to implement the concept of transforming medicine, in order to better apply new research results in clinical, eventually benefit patients.

According to Shi Yuankai, the country has established a number of clinical medicine research centers, and its purpose is to promote the development of medical technology in my country and accelerate the clinical transformation and popularization of medical scientific and technological achievements. "Some large hospitals in China have already have the characteristics of research hospitals, and they are the top medical center in China, and they are also clinical research and transformation research centers.

"Shi Yuankai believes that these research results based on Chinese people’s data in China’s local research center are more guiding for the clinical treatment of Chinese people.

Shi Yuankai also emphasized that in recent years, China’s drug research has gradually stepped into international roads in the field of clinical practice, and many domestic drugs are listed globally.

"In the world’s drug research and development system, China’s clinical research plays an increasingly important role." Shi Yuankai said.