Traffic investment exerts "stabilizer" role in some areas to achieve high-speed growth

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Wang Zi) Today, the Ministry of Transport held a press conference in October, introduced the economic operation of transportation transportation in the third quarter of 2020. Wu Chungeng, Director of the Ministry of Transport, said that the main transportation of transportation in the first three quarters of this year, "first drop, rise, tend to normal", and do "six stable" work, implement "six guarantees" "The task, especially in terrestrial investment, steady employment, has played an important first engineering role. Specifically, this year’s economic operation in the first three quarters of the transportation is presented in the following characteristics: First, traffic investment has played an important "stabilizer" role. Despite the influence of new coronal pneumonia, the investment in transportation fixed asset investment in the first three quarters of this year maintained a high level operation.

The traffic fixed asset investment in the first three quarters is trillion, and the year-on-year increase.

This growth rate is not easy to get in the influence of the epidemic. At the same time, this growth rate is the highest level in the same period in the past three years. In the first three quarters of 2018, the increase is%, and the growth in the first three quarters in 2019 is%.

Among the completed trillion yuan investment, the road waterway completed the investment probably trillion, accounting for the total target tasks of the year, completed%, completed the annual target task in advance. Invest in high-level operations, to do a good job of "six stable" work, implement the "Six Bao" mission played an important support. Second, the whole society is growing for five consecutive months.

The whole society in the first three quarters is declined, and the decline in the same period last year, but this ratio is already small.

From the perspective of moonlight, it has achieved a good situation that the cargo volume has been negative, and in the past five months. In the third quarter, the amount of freight volume reached%, gradually, and basically returned to the level of normal growth.

The third is that some areas have realized high-speed growth. There are three highlights in the third quarter of the third quarter, and the three areas present high-speed growth trend. The postal express delivery industry, completed the traffic volume billion in the first three quarters, increased year-on-year; China-European class has opened 8756 columns, an increase of 46% year-on-year, and the increase is faster; container iron wire transportation volume reaches a widaking box, a year-on-year growth.

It can be said that postal express, China-Europe class becomes a typical case of cross-critically ventilation and challenge, and accelerating development.

The fourth is the high-speed rail, civil aviation and other fields present a rapid recovery.

In terms of civil aviation, the domestic route passenger traffic has returned to 98% in the third quarter, and the plane has not felt that the plane is not good to buy.

In terms of railways, at the end of the third quarter, the traveler’s passenger delivery returned to 80%.

In a sentence, "the traffic is a barometer of the economy". From the metrology of the first three quarters, the indicators of transportation development are good, and the operational trend is stable.

To a certain extent, the traffic front has become a bright landscape in the economic operation. In the first three quarters of traffic development indicators and stable operational trends, on the one hand, the good operational situation of my country’s macroeconomic economy was also firmly confident in the completion of the year-round development.

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