Breaking the "tightening"

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Central Talent Work Conference, the country’s development relying on talents, national revitalization relying on talents, we must enhance the sense of urgency and accelerate the establishment of talent resources competitive advantage. In order to break the bottleneck of talents, Zhang Wei in the western inland area, insisted on hardware, reform, deepening the reform of talent development system mechanism, breaking the system of talent training, use, evaluation, service, support, incentives, etc. Authorization, loose, funny, and resolutely break the "tightening", "sinterletence" of the talents, and excite the experts to save the experts to sink to the rural line, with talent "venting service" to revitalize "Acceleration". Authorization is focusing on stimulating vitality. For a while, the problem of talents have been dying, and there are too many problems, some departments and units are accustomed to the management of the management of cadres, introduce the policy to the tube, talents, and constrain talents. The release of vitality.

Solving this problem, on the one hand, the administrative department should be decentralized as needed and actually, the administrative department should be put, and the employer can decide by the employer; on the other hand, to make people The subject gives full play to subjective initiative, establish effective self-constraints and external oversight mechanisms to ensure that the decentralized permissions are connected, and it is well used. In the past few years, Zhangye City launched in-depth development of talent policy "bigwork", and developed the reform of deepening talent development system, strengthening the introduction of talent training in the new era, encouraging guidance to flow to the grassroots level, accelerating the revolutionary documents of rural talents. In the province, the privileges will be the first to discharge the employer, the title review, open recruitment, position setting, limit external employment, etc. I have said it; in the assessment of the industry, the establishment of the industry, the division, the segmentation, and the species are evaluated, and "the judges do not use people, the people’s misating", and maximize talent vitality. Loose talent pain points. For a long time, talent evaluation has problems such as Wen, Words, only academic qualifications, and prizes, etc. The masses hope to be seriously detached and become a big pain. "The generals are not painful, and the pain is not passed." The pain must be trick, and the lower medicine is solved from the institutional mechanism. Zhang Wei’s actual situation in the country, deepening agricultural promotion agencies, and the researchers of research institutes, "venting service service" reform, and the municipal government to encourage agricultural science and technology talents to engage in agricultural industrial development services, allowing scientific and technological personnel in research institutes. Free flow between the seed enterprises, breaking your identity, academic qualifications, title, discipline, the subject group, etc. 61% of researchers achieved "two-way part-time", received good results, was rated as typical cases of national cultural talents development and scientific research results. Introduce the competition mechanism of the scientific and technological talent project, the introduction of the "Management Measures" and "Work Plan" of the unanmetric projects, and promote the pilot project of the major technical research in the city, and focus on solving the technical problem of the key industry "card neck".

Configure the focus industry urgently needed. The industry is an attractive carrier, only the coupling effect of "industrial collection talents, talent promotion development" around the industrial chain layout. Zhangye City is the agricultural market. The technical strength of agriculture has a relatively advantage. It is necessary to organize the strength of the industry through authorization. It is necessary to organize advantageous strength. According to the first line of the industry, let me tightening the fist and focus on the development of the industry. Provide strong talent support. Proposing the implementation of talents to help the country to revitalize the "Ten Industry Society Wancai" plans, surrounded by the top ten special pillar industries such as beef cattle, vegetables, integrate colleges, research institutes, industry sectors, and build 10 expert service groups to the countryside service, focus on support 120 people lead the farmers’ professional cooperatives, using five years of training to create 10,000 rural practical talents, promote the formation of high-end talents to put the pulse will diagnose, operate talents marketing operation, skill talent production management, "Joe Irrigation" rural industrial talent The pattern is rated as a case in the fifth national talent work in this year.

Take it with your heart.

Talent is used for this.

If ignored in "use" to work hard, it is only the introduction and ownership of talents on the side, which is both a lot of talents, which will also cause great talent waste. To give it to the platform, let talents have a chance to develop, develop hopes, use their teach to shake the revitalization of rural industries. To give the treatment, let the first-class talents create first-class performance and get a first-class remuneration.

To be giving policies, implement "babysitted services" for outstanding talents, and effectively solve the worries of talents. In this past few years, Zhangye City improved the practice of purely compete for financial resources, and finally prepared 100 preparations and establishing "talent preparation pool" to ensure the introduction of "fixed pills" prepared by talents.

Relying on the establishment of a one-stop talent service window in key parks, implementing the whole process, "Service Express" system, allowing people to enjoy policy dividends without leaving home. In the province, the province has established a special talent title review channel, which is eligible for 5,443 rural talents and corporate talents. Carry out the city’s talent talents, introduce an excellent talent, create an expert studio, lead a talent team, carry out a technical topic, serve a industry, driving a "six one" event of a industrial development, Implement differentiated assessment and dynamic management exit mechanisms, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the role of talents.

(The author is the Standing Committee of Zhangye City Committee of Gansu Province, the Minister of Organizations) (Editor: Wang Hao, Wu Nan).