First406chapter Ambition and fixed point“Sniper”
unfortunately,These data found by Mirren,In other words, media platforms that may be invested by themselves,None of them satisfied Chen Geng:Considered by Mirren to be the most valuable for acquisition,Is a local newspaper in Alaska,Single issue is less than20Million copies……Chen Geng is definitely not satisfied with such a newspaper company,Not to mention the single issue of this newspaper,The scope of coverage alone also makes people inevitably raise a kind of“A small newspaper in a remote country where birds do not shit”a feeling of。
Mirren is not blind,Of course I can see the dissatisfaction of my boss,But she feels wronged,Can’t help but defend himself:“boss,You know,Those big newspapers、Radio and television,Are firmly controlled by those large media groups,It’s okay for us to buy some tradable shares in the stock market,But if you want to meet your requirements……
with all due respect,Even if the tradable shares we acquired have reached the height of entering the board of directors,Those media that have been operated internally have become monolithic,May not be willing to listen to you,Even if you won’t interfere with their operations,Just ask them to speak for you when necessary。”
Chen Geng agrees with this,For example, the domestic second automobile group,Although Dongfeng Motor holds Frenchspagroup14%Shares of,With the French Peugeot family、The French government tied forspaThree shareholders of the group,But Dongfeng Motor isspaDid you say something inside??Or,Does anyone care about Dongfeng Motor??
Look at the performance of the car in the domestic auto market,I know the so-called Dongfeng MotorspaHow does one of the three shareholders of the group have a say in the group?。
“You’re right,”Chen Geng nodded slowly:“Of course I know what you said,So……”
“I……”Mirren took a deep breath:“Since these media platforms don’t take us to play,Have you ever thought about,Like Mr. Murdoch of News Corp.,Acquire one or several medium-sized media first,Then slowly grow by yourself?”
“Of course I thought,”Chen Genghui didn’t know what Mirren said?Of course he knows that investing in those large media platforms is not a matter of overnight,If there is a possibility,Who doesn’t want to have one、Listen to yourself“Pro-military”?But it’s not that simple?“But i don’t understand the media,I don’t have anyone who understands the media……”
“I……”Mirren hesitated,But soon,Her expression became firm:“boss,I want to try。”
Looking at Mirren,Chen Geng was surprised:This girl in front of me、Own assistant,She clearly stated to herself that she wanted greater rights?
Xu is that Chen Geng did not stop his actions for the first time and gave Mirren more courage.,She took a deep breath to strengthen herself,Repeat again:“boss,If you are willing to give me this opportunity,I……I want to try。”