“Well,Still want to give him something to eat。”Ritual,

“Already told it,Do not worry,Long pool,We have a lot of this person,I will never let him do something.。”
“Well,I want to see someone who sells Wu Tianbao.,I have something to ask him.。”Qi Rui knows who is selling Wu Tianbao,This is also Xu Baichuan wants to know.,Because this is directly related to the security of him and the six brothers。
“Long pool,Miss Yazi came with me.。”
Junxiu in the well with two people came to the Mansion,Say:“This person is called Fanjin,A small special agent,Is Wu Tianbao’s hand,It should be that it is just until he is not.,I know much about Wu Tianbao.。”
“He didn’t explain others??”
“A few,We also caught it back.,Because there is nothing to have been processed。”
Door opening,I have seen a young man who is almost alive.,He is very fearful at this time.,It looks very fearful。
Rui Rui walked into the room asked:“What’s your name?”
“My name is Fanjin,Twenty-four years old this year,The hand of Wu Tianbao,But I haven’t participated in what big action,Wu Tianbao does not talk to us.,So I really don’t know what plans he have.,real,I am really truth.。”
Hurry continues to ask:“In addition to Wu Tianbao,Have you seen it in Shanghai??”
“I have explained it.!”Fan Jinhao tried to control his fear,But the more this is the more fear of him.,Be shaking,
Rui Rui is very strange, how is a small person to work hard?,Asked:“How did you enter the special agent?”
“Taking excellent results,Just I have never thought of I will be caught.!”
“You have seen Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan,Is Hazhengchu??”
“I have seen the sea.,Zheng Yaoxian and Xu Baichuan have never seen。”
“Wu Tianbao stayed in Shanghai to do what mission did you really don’t know??”
“Taijun,I really don’t know,I only know that he is very mysterious every day.,But I know that he often goes to Bailemen.,I guess he should see anyone.。”
Well Jun Xiu listened to the anger:“asshole,Why do you not say these!?”
“Taijun,I just think of it.。”
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Paramount,Before he has been,There, I have encountered Li Xiaoyu.。
Seeing that the well-in-life surprises appeared in a hurry.:Wu Tianbao chose such an occasion to meet what you have went.。
Rethinking the well, Junxiu has been published in the newspaper on the newspaper on the newspaper.,The twenty-six people he are responsible should see the newspaper who dares to sway,I am sure all praying Wu Tianbao, don’t put them out.。
Looking well, I saw this Fan Jin said to Qiushan Yadi.:“Look at him, don’t know what!Yazi,let’s go。”
Junxiu asked Qi Rui:“Long pool,Since I have seen the Shanghai Station, Wang Chang Zhichao,So what are you going to do next??”
“Today, Yaizi has sent them to them in the two sons of the same text.,I think they should find a way to send people to Shanghai.,I suggest give them a little time,And we also need to wait for the first Zheng Yao first,Zhao Ji is not to say that he will arrive in Shanghai for two days?!”
“Long Pool is the meaning of Zheng Yao, we don’t have to do it before.?”Well Jun Xiu asked,
“Yazi,What do you need to do??”Qi Rui,
“unnecessary,They will be invested!”Qiushan Yadi said,
“I am like the idea of Yadi.,Well,I feel that you have a good well in the Well.,Don’t be rescued by the special agent,Because I have told Wan Zhizhao Wu Tianbao to detained in the Well Mansion.,Maybe they don’t wait for Zheng Yao first to act in advance.。”Ritual,
“I feel very reasonable.,Yesterday I met that Wan Zhichao,At first glance, it is a arrogant person.,And I see that he seems to have not put Zheng Yao first in his eyes.,So I also feel that he may act in advance.,Well!I also remind you to be ready,Don’t really let some of the people will save people.。”
“They want to save people to be a dream!Do you feel relieved?,As long as they dare to come, I will all destroy them.!”
“That is a good guidelines.,I am walking with Ya Zi.,I hope that this is not so stupid to bring people.。”