Like this nuclear submarine project,Always under his watch。

He just learned that there was a problem with the nuclear submarine program,Hurry over and prepare to solve this problem。
Liu Shiqiang is no better than Ye Zhenxing。
not to mention,What Qin Hao didn’t know was,Liu Shiqiang was a student of Ye Zhenxing。
Only from here,You can tell Ye Zhenxing’s ability。
“Ye Lao,”Know the identity of Ye Zhenxing,Qin Hao also bowed respectfully。
“Not bad,not bad,Can be a big responsibility,Worthy of being the grandson of that old man。”
suddenly,Ye Zhenxing said in his excitement,Then he realized what,Changed the subject。
“Qin Hao,Would like to stay and join us,You must know that the contribution of our scientific research is definitely not smaller than yours。”
“not to mention,you need to know,Generally speaking, people in our scientific research field will not encounter danger。”
What Ye Zhenxing said,Make Liu Quan and others look ugly,Isn’t this a blatant snatch??
But facing Ye Zhenxing,They can’t stop with words,After all, what Ye Zhenxing said was the truth。
Qin Hao may really be able to achieve a career in scientific research,You can tell from what just happened。
But even knowing what he said is true,But it makes them feel very uncomfortable。
“Don’t you think what my old man said is not good,This kid is a piece of research material,I am willing to do everything,Take him to a career。”
Liu Quan and they heard Ye Zhenxing say this,Even more embarrassed while shocked。
Although Qin Hao’s performance in scientific research is not bad,But Qin Hao’s performance is not bad among them.!
When everyone is in distress,Qin Hao spoke up。