3 months increase! "Battery metal" lithium price climbed to a new high or hindered electric vehicle

On November 12th, the Japanese media said that the prices of representative metal lithium used for pure electric car batteries continue to soar and have reached the highest value. According to Japan’s economic news website, the current price of lithium has risen to more than 2 times in early August.

According to the report, the electric trend accompanying the decarburization caused the demand for lithium to increase, on the other hand, the supply of growth could not be matched, which produced a situation that competes for battery metals. If stable procurement is difficult, it will hinder the popularity of pure electric vehicles.

The proportion of pure electric vehicles accounted for the overall car is currently%, which has risen than about 4% of the previous year.

The EU proposes the policy of banned the sales of new cars and diesel engines by 2035, and the proportion of pure electric vehicles is expected to increase in the context of rapid steering from the pure electric vehicles.

If the sales of pure electric vehicles increase, the demand for lithium will be huge.

Taking Tesra Model x as an example, the battery capacity required for each car is 10,000 times to reach the battery capacity required for each Apple iPhone.

In addition, the rise in manufacturing costs also has become a background of rapid rising prices. The price of lithium concentrate as a lithium carbonate is rising.

Collie Montgomery, United Kingdom McKentz Consulting, is in a very crazy level, which is difficult to continue, he believes that the price increase will drive the market to return to the market.

In the future, if the market is restarted, the market is increased, and the price of the price is likely to be alleviated.