Lit cigarette burn endless thoughts

Summer of that year, everything seemed so beautiful, is not a mature season, bear fruit is not full.Occasionally heard the brothers said: want to have a heart care, but hearing a lot of heart will follow numb.If you can rent a boat, I would choose the south.If you can take the train, I would choose Tibet.If you can do it again, I would choose you.    Although already know the ending, but I can change course.Not so cruel, no longer so naive.Listen breakpoints, thoughts float to the surface.At that moment I know you will heartache.If the summer becomes winter, the biting breeze will.If the winter turned into summer, the cold will warm many.If I become you, will still leave themselves, flying warmer place, there is sunshine, there are deciduous, but also elongated shadow sunset.Perhaps that moment of time can be covered with moss, mottled years will be walls, bright lights will become bleak.    Unfortunately, all of this, I am willing to accept.How decadent myself to accept greater blow it?I was afraid to go out, so I had to think nest in a good environment, I was afraid to see some shocking scenes, so I had to go out at night, even the moon is not the best, no street lights, so it will not see the black night, so do not be afraid.Afraid to dream, dream afraid of the same scene, the same fear of ending dream, a beautiful dream and the reality that there is indeed an unusual gap, this loss was confiscated like fantasy than the same rights.So start looking for a place, no doubt, cigarettes became my best option.There is a saying that good, but not smoking, lung injury hurt.If you see this as a kind of torture, then the whole world in their own abuse.    Between mountain mist fall morning, what is it like to disclose what happiness password?Open until the fog lifted, but also with sharp peaks corner, pierce that level better.Return visit, serious injury dreams.If that moment really comes, I’ll still come up with a very calm and courage of their own, never smoke in front of you they will take a deep one, looking at the mist-cloaked mountains say: I wish you happiness!Turned to leave, only a cigarette burn the TV drama a miss.