Susan Miller Taurus one week horoscope (11.14-11.20)

The advent of a new week, November has more than half would like to know how this week Taurus fortune to see Susan Susan Miller Taurus master of one week horoscope (11.14-11.20) it!(Due to time zone, Chinese readers can add 13 hours after the date of reference.) November 14 Taurus new moon, you will get a very important achievement before and after four days, Pluto and moon phase harmony, to give you strength and energy to achieve targets.Also you can find a way, through more exercise and more rational nutrition, diet and other health improving.When November 9, warrior planet, Mars has entered your chart honors, achievements, awards tenth house of career development of highly active more than 2016 other times.This fortune will continue until mid-December, for you, continue to adhere to struggle for the cause critical.But also to focus on the new moon January 28, 2017, and then you can continue to develop from now to lay the foundation of the.Weekend November 19 very suitable for outings with friends or lovers, Venus and Neptune were good omen, and create a brighter energy, bring love and longing for a little luxury, go with this energy, take good care of yourself.