Recommend grass and sleep

The grass rushes out from every corner, whether on the dam next to the Hanjiang River or on the campus under Yanshan Mountain.. They are sprawled on the rugged grass, standing in the sunshine on a sunny day, hanging a few crystal beads on a rainy day, and possibly witnessing a graceful encounter between grass fields..   On both sides of the Hanjiang River, there are not many areas divided into grass because we still need to plant crops. So the grass built its own kingdom on the lonely mountain roads and steep slopes, and most of its people were tall and strong.. The thatched leaves are slender and dense with a little frost, and the leaves are sharp and easy to cut fingers. A Artemisia is not as good-looking as it was when it was grown up. When it was young, it had thin gray and white hairs and always had a unique smell.. White – flowered rattan is wrapped in lingering cotton for a long time, and the slender rattan is decorated with white trumpet-shaped flowers from time to time..   It is appropriate for these grass boys to play with them, but if you try to lie on them and dream, I advise you not to. Their tall bodies are broken off as soon as you press them, and then you are covered with their blood.. Also, the grass is too deep to hide the snake. If you lie on the snake and dream, it will kiss you with a mouth with favorable teeth until you wake up.   Vaguely remember when I was a child, I used to lie down in the grass on the hillside in my spare time and let the cattle leisurely stroll in the valley of the hillside.. At this time, I was secretly observing the tracks of the birds to see where they would get into the grass, and then I went through the grass to see if there was a nest of birds’ eggs in it.. Most of the cases were of no avail. Later, when I was tired, I curled up on the grass and slept, no matter where the cows went.. Sometimes I dream of finding a bird’s nest between the branches of a cypress tree and finding many eggs.. When I woke up, I found the cow perched precariously on the opposite hillside, glad it didn’t go to the ground to eat crops, and then took it home with me..   Rapeseed fields without grass removal are also an excellent place to go and disappear into the boundless sea of flowers as soon as they get in.. I squatted there and looked at the blue sky overhead through the golden rape flowers, often with the shadow of birds passing by. After watching for a long time, I slept, but this place is too narrow to sleep on the rape pole and make sure they are not overpowered.. When it was getting dark, I woke up, grabbed a pile of grass at random and carried it back. I told my mother,’ I’ve been beating pig grass’.   In fact, it is still suitable to lie down and sleep on the lawn on the campus under Yanshan Mountain. The land is flat, the grass is shallow, and there is plenty of room for you to lie on your back or on your side. If you want to sleep in the warm sunshine, lie in the open area. It is easy to find a cool place if you want to spend summer and summer cool and comfortable.   I lingered on the flagstone road for a long time, worried that I would get covered in grass and dust, and if I lay down to sleep immediately now. In the end, I was bewitched by the memories of my childhood, and I still lay down and gave it a try.. I thought I could pick up the innocence of childhood again, but I was tossed and turned by the spikes of grass.. Adjusted the sleeping position again, finally comfortable, but no longer in the mood to see the cloudy sky through the green gingko leaves.   Get up early in the morning and want to sleep at the moment. Close your eyes and vaguely think of many things in a daze. Then he was awakened by the sound of landslides and cracks, and a plane flew overhead with a roar.. He closed his eyes again, dreamt in a daze, and was awakened again by the same sound. I finally gave in.   Climb up from the lawn that is completely suitable for sleeping. The grass is crushed down by me and forms a big hole under it.. I seem to say to the grass, and to say to myself: ” Forget it, I forgive you, please forgive me, too.”! But no one answered me.