One year I had lost too fall

1, I remember one year I have lost too fall.  I picked Chuaizhe several flower Osmanthus send you accidentally sent together even season.  After that for years, want to see the fall, I can only open the yellowed pages of old books, the fragrance had hidden there.  2, downstairs hallway afloat years of dust, there is a hint of flavor, cycling Lou Zili a withered petals around the corner from the old building has a two crisp whistles, roaring every night.  I ruminate away, but lost on the road can not go back.  3, North snow, across Rivers Wan-shui, only saying it sent a chill, the fragrance of the tree fall.  Nianqi of white, Leng Leng flutter in the palm out of a spring.  Obviously, you will send me the winter, but I willed, I wonder if you ever find?  4, Chung night gradually into the waves, the wind and waves as blowing leaves, the moon was shaken Department on the reef, there are many stars greed listen to songs, slip fall apart in the surf, who covered his face, not dare to look?  5, who said the sun did not mind, not in the mood tree?  Mottled shade the sun mood, subtle fragrance floating Chen mind is the tree.  These, you all know.However, I do mind, you know how to make?