Guagu rapist

The Qing Dynasty, the city of Jingling has a Pola Hu Mei Wan Mei called three powers, kindness, due to a poor family to make ends meet selling words.One morning in May with God dripping eaves own patio picked up a large block of jade cake, round yo, smooth and translucent, which also had a few strange characters engraved.He did not know what treasure it is, it hides the baby went to the pawnshop Pan Kee.Pan boss saw this jade, open mouth for a long time to actually Bulong.So this is a piece of cake jade, according to the text above projections, at least in the more distant or before the Xia Dynasty, the emperor gave princes a very precious gift, that strange text above is the evidence.If valuation to it, for fear that the whole city is also difficult to arrive in case Jingling.Mei suddenly hear three powers like crazy silly in general, for a long time to collect myself.Since it is not a dream, it would first go back some money when urgent needs it.Pan boss out 220 silver and said to him: Mei uncle, take the money you’ll spend the first, it did not come up to Pan.As for the baby on the first Pan custody for you, you see how?I do not know what is with God blessed plum nose which is the gills, which have not willing?Soon, the bay son to a man and a woman.Forty years old young man, in his early twenties woman.The man entered the bay son was screaming people say sell.He said to them all, the woman’s father owed him a sum of money.Now her father died, she only sold debt.Plum with God saw that the woman noodles Taosai, lovely, unknowingly move the mind, stepped forward to ask how much money he intends to sell, the men stretched out two fingers.Just three powers from Pan Mei Kee brought 220 silver pawn, when the woman is about to buy.This woman called Heyue Chun, originally born in a rich family.Since the parent much work, gambler, trying to shift the family estate erased until dying further debt owed others women feel he finished Leiruyuxia.Mei busy with God to comfort, said: little lady do not be sad, to me you will be regarded as Kujintianlai, I’ll be good to you!Then plum wine three powers took a few tables, so Pan boss pawn shops give them witnesses, the two officially married.Married the next day, the door suddenly come to a shoemaker, thirty-year-old old, thick eyebrows, a short Hu.Since May with God’s house is at a crossroads, where the shoemaker will put out a stall.Although his hand doing live, a pair of restless eyes always turn in a rich family were rolling before May.Saw Heyue Chun, he is not even alive not done, like trying to look through and through her body like.Over time, feel attracted attention plum with God.One day, Mei three powers back from the outside, he saw through the hole in the wall being shoemaker looked toward the yard.He used to look, Heyue Chun is in the yard to dry clothes, not help seize the shoemaker angry authentic: You people are not sick?What a peek here?Plum cobbler with God cast a glance unhappy authentic: how you can not see it?Tell you the truth, as early as three years ago, I fell in love with her, begged the pro-door.She said wait for me to learn a skill and then come to her.I studied for three years shoemaker, hurried back to the full division, she did not want to become the person you.Do I look at you break the law?Mei was only put three speechless, half a day before: you can look, but never evil Freeze!Since that relationship with the shoemaker’s Heyue Chun Mei with God became more careful, buy her something back every few days to coax her happy, because he loved her too.He Yuechun see his mind, and comfort: Husband, you put one hundred heart, Heyue Chun would not like to say anything out of that house divided against itself!But I heard that you have no money to go to a pawnshop on Pan withdraw Kee, tell me the truth, you a total of how much money he got there?Beginning, Mei three powers want to hide, see Heyue Chun asked a tight grip, had to say so real: a total withdrawal of six hundred pieces of silver.I parked a block of jade cake pan in mind pawn shops, Pan boss said, my life is that things and then how to spend enough of!How you, lady?Heyue Chun See said, immediately remove only chest full of gold and silver jewelry and drafts.He Yuechun from the inside out a string of pearls and said to him: This is the dowry of my mother that year, she gave me before his death.How can their own treasure in someone else does?This necklace was worth a thousand ounces of silver less, you go to redeem it come.See Heyue Chun Mei three powers for himself so intimate paste Italy, psyche grateful, so they use a piece of necklace to Yao Shun Yu Bi ransom back.Unconsciously past few months, Mei often find themselves with God back pain, weakness, malaise all day long.So the doctor Jingling City minutely.Doctor look and smell busy for a while, he said he was deficiency caused by excessive sexual intercourse, they gave him several pairs of medicine, and told him that he must be put under control, or there will be fear for their lives.Mei was shocked with God.With all his heart to restrain myself, I saw Heyue Chun amorous eyes askew, as well as creamy carcass and fiery passion can be returned home, he is like a snowman children thrown into the furnace of fire as it melted away Immediately.She thought she could and slept together, is also worth a short few years duong tho.Mei with God every day minutely doctor.However, he ate enough medicine available onboard the ship equipment, not only did not improve the condition, but more and more serious.Heyue Chun met could not help crying: Husband, must be my fate too hard, hinder you, let me die right!May Mio said: Snake Do not say that my life is not good, how strange How about you?The couple could not help cry.One day in the afternoon, plum with God is sleeping, suddenly the next room came a cry and slapstick sound.Mei three powers struggled up and saw a shoemaker with a positive twist to make a group Heyue Chun.He Yuechun shouted: Husband, this beast to me indecent assault, go call people!Mio was just plum cobbler foot hook even move down to the ground.Then shoemaker grasp Heyue Chun wrestled her arms in bed, plum angry with God hated anxious, a black eye, fainted.When Mei woke up with God, Heyue Chun and shoemaker are gone.Neighbors told him about, but Heyue Chun official rapist is brought to the Guagu.It is said Guagu rapist is a woman a liar, often in the name of wives who married into a wealthy family, killed her husband, pocketed possessions, then rolled seats away, so people would give her the number of the muddy.Because she means to harm the very subtle, difficult to obtain evidence, and therefore she could not take official also did not expect the accident was captured.Recall Heyue Chun and get along these days, Mei three powers not believe how she would Guagu rapist, let the neighbors, who pushed him to the Yamen car.A scared to Yamen it sounded percussions, a tolerance of people who look like out.Mei three powers set eyes, it was a shoemaker.Shoemaker came near, smiles: with God brothers, did not expect it?It turned out that he was the bureaucratic fast catching Ni expensive, Bong county magistrate of life, has been tracking Heyue Chun three years.For three years, Heyue Chun married six times in a row, each site will be less than three months to kill her husband, and the empty roll of money, and then just walk away.Because she is very cunning, it has been unable to obtain evidence of her murder.And this time found a lot of expensive Ni ginseng from her to catch the drug in May with God, so she formally arrested.Because the person is sick, the body in extremely weak case is not nourishing, or only let him be killed quickly.And plum with God in their own patio eaves dripping picked up the piece of jade is expensive Ni placed there.Actually, that is not what Yao Shun Yu Bi, but with an ordinary jade processed.As for Pan boss pawn it said to be priceless, and continue to give him withdraw money, but also expensive Ni in advance collusion good, aimed at drawing the snake out of its hole so that your last Heyue Chun uppercut Ni said: with God brother, you this little life also play almost lost, I would not have come to their senses!See things pick up jade cake is expensive Ni trap located under the plum feel angry with God, harshly denounced: nonsense, if she had “scraped the bone rapist ‘, also his all-out savings?You lie, my lady also!A black eye, fainted.When plum with God woke up and found lying on a flying carriage.He set eyes and saw Heyue Chun sitting next to the coachman is the day to Heyue Chun sold here, man, could not help and said: Lady, I’m not dreaming?Heyue Chun said: not!All that damned magistrate turned out Heyue Chun child had practiced qigong closed, the body unconsciously produce a negative absorption function, so the man can not afford not strong enough, that makes her marriage to eleven grams past few husband dead.In these men, one of whom is a magistrate’s cousin, so he sent the magistrate quickly catch your NI shoemaker dressed spying her until this time to Riga drug overdose Ginseng grounds of her arrest and placement Guagu rapist charges, ready to settle Wenzhan.Thanks to its brother Zhou Ran got the news, night raid prison, she will be rescued.As she dropped into a large amount of ginseng in medicine where she is with God every day to exercise our powers Mei qi purposes, only two-pronged plum with God was restored quickly, do not want to become the anti-Ni your evidence to arrest her.Mei with God and said: Lady, knowing that I am a poor man, why did you marry me?Heyue Chun said: kindness had heard that you can still do not trust the brothers, so just to ‘sell pay back a debt’ I will marry you in the name.And other official people recover, they would have long disappeared into the vast night sea