You can measure what god prisoners

Men of God must be admired for it?Who says men can not be captured by God.As long as can see its advantages, even men of God, is also expected to fall in defeat under your feet.You want to know what kind of god he can capture it?Make the test to help you find the answer.(The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.) 1, you always like the same type of clothing do?2 is not okay, you’re a relatively laissez-faire to their own desires of people do?3 is not okay, do you think the workplace very young people to do things fly it?4 fly do not fly do not know, because you’ll lose sleep over the money to do it?Will not know 5, and paid work report, you are always confident it?6 is not necessarily, you have had the experience you go after a blind date?Is not currently in this situation over 7, you like to watch you play dialect?8 is not okay, you ever want to get rid of his name please?Yes No 9 do not remember, you like to listen to age-old songs do?10 is not okay, you often will the behavior of others to evaluate it for some?Is not better your score: Your answer is: melancholic you confident and optimistic, speaking directly, wherever popular, your smile is contagious and can infect everyone around you, as long as there your place, there is joy.Melancholic man of God loner, introverted, when happy laugh without words, people do not like to tell their troubles is not happy.This type of god is easy to admire your optimism, of course, to get along with you for a long time not just envy such a thing a child.Your answer is: tough guy type you are innocent girl type of girls, typical of the soft sister, it is easy to arouse protectiveness tough guy.Tough guy type male god, burly, a muscular, uncompromising, full of machismo, especially like the heavy feminine girls.You soft as water, fragrant flower, moon charming, tough guy sportsman is God in the eyes of lovers.Tough guy type of man you met God, will soon heart, your smiles all call each other deer rattling.Your answer is: theatrical type you belong quiet type of girl, like Lin as weak in essence, another sort of lofty, aloof, so you have to type the captives literary men of God, just effortlessly.Literary type of course, like men of God can understand their own mind, to communicate with their smooth, love art, not kitsch, not blabbering on about money, direct and lively style of doing things girls.You are the ideal partner in the eyes of God, literary sportsman.Your answer is: the sun type love sports, love life, always climbing PO yourself on social networks, the sun god skiing pictures from the most likely to be your prisoner.You optimistic, cheerful, playful love animals, usually very healthy lifestyle, is positive that the girl hanging.This is the most you attract the attention of the sun god, they will feel like you encountered similar interests girl is hard to come by, you immediately tempted.You may also like to re-answer: test your love go where the?  Which measure will hurt you love the deepest measure your name worth Love Test: Test your teens win their hearts