right hand side

In May last year this time, I looked at the burning sun, passing through Nanjing, went to Guilin, a fairly good travel.Guilin mountains is very clear, like Southland, what would the city do not know floating Guilin Osmanthus of it?But I Ganyu here is not bad, there are mountains and water sea.This year this time, I looked at the burning sun to Ganyu drive home, they encountered a searing sun, it would be a good omen?602 bus window is a long bridge, green wheat, blue river, passing new poplar leaves are long, which is really a good season, is the most beautiful season of Lianyungang Ganyu. I sat right hand side a big leggy girl with glasses, I would peek at her, then turned his head, pretending not to see her, she gave me a gentle up, lowered his head, turning over the phone.Car window spring breeze blowing, burning sunset in the west, and I also go home, I actually want big legs right hand side of the girl’s number, how many times to encounter such a good girl ah, but I did not.Unfortunately, life is so, why should I bother someone else, perhaps destined, will see each other again, but highly unlikely, it is life, perhaps enough to encounter better, maybe fate will meet again, on the right. Life, I will always encounter has shown signs of good people, then there is no then, like so many Hong Kong art film, that people with sunglasses, he crossed eyes said, “Life is moving forward, those who know, disappeared, “he is a man named director Wong Kar-wai.Last year, the big face of the girl, but fortunately she was not married, but I know she will disappear,.This 602 road scenery along the way enough to see just fine, this harbinger of hot sun, beautiful season, is a better life. The right hand side of the window can see the wheat waves.I do slurry boating, thanks to the waves, the waves have been very, ha ha, when the breeze is the wheat in May, the distant blue of the sky is blue, I sat in the car to go south, I suddenly remembered the taste of love, far away Medina turned green waves of grain turmoil, people stop and look, this is a wonderful season, where you are, you look at my words?Far from the river to feed some geese, quiet growing, if we give up the dream of the day.Just an empty land on the river to feed cattle and sheep from the chickens, ducks, old together on a piece of land, we are happy you?All of the wheat, blue sky, green river, just because I love you, love the taste.