The other one is,heat.Expansion and contraction,The same is true。

Some kids didn’t believe this,I used a hydrogen balloon I bought to experiment。
That’s a doraaDream hydrogen balloon,Little girls like it,But playing,Don’t know how to do it,The hydrogen balloon without any damage,Collapsed。
Little girl feels distressed,But there is no money to buy another one,So the clever little girl thought of a way。
Is based on heat.The truth of expansion and contraction,In the strongest noon of a scorching sun,Little girl with her own DoraaDream balloon,Come to the sun。
Clever little girl,Know how to protect yourself,She hides herself in the shade of a tree,Put the hydrogen balloon tied up in advance under the hot sun,Holding the rope in my hand。
Start,The little girl is a little impatient,Just put down,To see if the hydrogen balloon is based on heat.The principle of expansion and contraction,Swell up again。
but,The result after reading,But very disappointed,She even felt,This is just a lie。
Even so,The little girl still put the hydrogen balloon there,I hide in the shade again。
unconsciously,Time has passed,And the hydrogen balloon that the little girl has been watching,Actually flew again。
Little girl happy,Hold the rope in your hand,Jumping around pulling the hydrogen balloon and running in the yard。
Thought of this,Qin Feng smiled,It’s really hot.Expansion and contraction,Current self,People are quiet,My heart is cold。
Finished a cold shower,Qin Feng came to Jiang Yan’s bedroom again,Qin Feng didn’t think about anything this time,Watching Jiang Yan sleeping,Qin Feng sitting on a chair,Also went to sleep。
in fact,Jiang Yan is not the only tired person,In contrast, Qin Feng is more tired than anyone these days,Fortunately, he is Qin Feng,If you change to someone else,I’m afraid I can’t hold on anymore。
Continuously do not eat or sleep,I’m afraid no one can stand it。
A few hours later,Jiang Yan woke up in front of Qin Feng。