Seeing Li Tianchou’s straight punch is unremarkable,Not fast,But Huo didn’t dare to neglect,Dodging sideways and punching out,The punch is moderate,Keep the stamina to deal with。

A Huo and Li Tianchou have the opposite ideas,Not in a hurry,If you don’t find the perfect opportunity,Won’t go all out。in other words,Li Tianchou must be consumed even if he consumes his energy。
Li Tianchou’s on-the-spot response,A Huo saw the clue as soon as he shot it。There was a sneer in his heart,Doesn’t avoid the opponent’s fist,Hands quickly retracted,Change fist to catch,Put one hand on Ahuo’s wrist,The other hand stretches toward the opponent’s armpit like itching,Extremely fast。
When A Huo was stunned,The fist has hit the opponent’s cheek,But it feels wrong,Suddenly his wrist numb and he was caught by the opponent,Hurriedly break free,At the same time kicked Li Tianchou’s belly,Also very fast。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou would still not evade,Slightly raise your leg and press down on your knee to block,The other hand has clasped the inside of Ah Huo’s upper arm。Sudden force,Rush into the arms,A Huo’s upper body suddenly lost his center of gravity。
At the same time,Ah Huo felt an unprecedented dangerous breath,He quickly raised his hand to clasp the opponent’s wrist,But the moment I touched the opponent, my eyes suddenly went black,Li Tianchou’s head has been hit hard on his bald forehead,“咣”The sound of,A Buddha was born,Like a pestle,Ah Huo feels like a mountain collapsed,I was shocked to see Venus;
Haven’t breathed,Again“咣”Bang,Ascension of two Buddhas,A fire’s eardrums hum,My scalp exploded, Want to break free,Helplessly, the opponent’s hands are like iron hoops.。In the beginning, I can beat the opponent a few times with my other hand,Later, I lost my energy。
one more time“咣”After the impact,A Huo feels chest tightness,Nausea in the stomach;“Bang bang 咣咣”Three times in a row,Compare harder,Ahuo started rolling his eyes,“puff”The sound of,Hot under the crotch,Piss came out。
Everyone was stunned,The smelly people forget to hold their breath and cover their noses。Peng Weihua slaps his tongue straight,I really didn’t expect Li Tianchou to be so tough,Even the unruly Qi Baozhu was shocked,He followed Uncle Geng from birth to death,I have experienced many battles,But I have never seen such a simple and bloody melee。It is really……My grass。
“Pull away,This idiot is going to be abandoned。”Peng Weihua reacted,A wrist clasped Li Tianchou,Break out,Drink at the same time:“Tian Chou,stop!”there,Qi Baozhu didn’t care about feces and urine,I was stunned by pulling Ahuo out of Li Tianchou’s hand。Both people’s heads are bloody。
A Huo has collapsed underground,Li Tianchou was supported by Peng Weihua,Still wobbly and unable to stand。Two people fight each other for a short time,No more than two minutes,But the intensity and thrilling level is too terrifying,Even watching the lively crowd is over before the excitement just now。
“Small steel column,Call an ambulance。late,This old clapper is about to return to the West。I take Tianchou away。”Peng Weihua picked up Li Tianchou and went into the crowd,A few flashes disappeared into everyone’s sight。
When Li Tianchou woke up,Limbs and weakness,Headache,The only thing that feels good is that he is very sane。The head can also move around,Look around,Found myself in a strange hut,The dazzling sunlight and scorching heat coming through the small window,It can be judged that it is noon。
A hand-to-hand fight with Ahuo in memory,I don’t know why I suddenly became agitated,I don’t know if the old guy is dead or alive,I’m afraid the disaster this time will get bigger。
Very strange is,The moment before,Didn’t habitually appear that nightmare,Even the scene in the dream did not flash,This is the first time。Did that nightmare escalate?Already able to control oneself in some consciousness?Li Tianchou tried hard to remember and think。