“Ok,Sister Yan,We will be there soon。”Moi and Yunyan who got Yan Communication replied,Then they changed their original directions,Fly to earth。

And Morgana in Huangcun,Watching the resurrected demons,very good mood,Can’t help laughing。
only,After laughing for a while,Her face suddenly froze,Immediately raised his head to the sky。
“queen,what happened?”I saw the happy queen,Look ugly,As the most loyal Atto,Asked quickly。
“These bitches,Coming so fast!”Morgana looked at the sky and cursed,Then he turned his gaze back and said to Atto“Who else,Kesha, that bitch’s subordinate。”
She just resurrected her subordinates,Don’t wait to make yourself happy,I came here,The original good mood suddenly vanished。
“That queen,Shall we fight?”Atto Wen Yan,Asked again。
“Against?by,Atuo I didn’t say you,Is your head getting water?,What shall we fight with those bitches?”Morgana heard Atto’s words,Suddenly cursed。
Just these demons just resurrected,Except for being bigger,Looks fierce,Can bluff the life of this pre-nuclear era at best。
But in front of the angels there is nothing!One sword can split you into several pieces!
of course,If she does it herself,It’s not that the angels who came here,But it is bound to attract Kesha。
Before she was fully prepared,Never face angels,Besides, she has more important things to do。
“That queen,we?”Was yelled at by the queen,Atos didn’t realize what was there,Instead, I think I said something wrong。
“What else,Hello these demons,Temporarily evacuate and wait near the Chiwu star system。”Morgana waved and finished,Looked at the sky again,Scolding“Really her mother’s bad luck!”