Although China’s economy is still very underdeveloped,But Jiang Tao and even the whole demon dare to pat his chest and say:“Looking at the entire China,Our magic city is definitely the most worthy place for foreign investment。”,This has always been the most proud place of the Magic Capital Government,But now,Chen Geng actually said that the COMACF100Localization,The least optimistic is the magic city?

This makes Jiang Tao a little unbearable。
If it weren’t for him, Jiang Tao couldn’t provoke Chen Geng,In all likelihood, Chen Geng’s collar has already been asked at this moment“Why do you say that, our magic capital?!”Up。
“Very simple,”Chen Geng didn’t go around Jiang Tao,Speak bluntly:“You will have McDonnell Douglas soonMD-82Project,I just ask you:future,You demons are all EmmedMD-82Project-based,Or from COMACF100Project-based?”
“of course……of course……”
The words came to the lips,Jiang Tao can’t tell anymore。
He wants to say that the magic city will have a bowl of water,But these words can convince Chen Geng、Make him believe that the magic city will really be smooth?Do not make jokes!do not forget,The Chinese partner of Shanghai McDonnell Douglas:SAIC,But a state-owned enterprise directly under the Magic City,Is the real son of Demon City,SAIC and Falkland-This from United Aviation TechnologyF100Project?
On one side is my son’s business,One side is the neighbor’s child,The fool also knows the stance of the Magic Capital government on the two companies.,Not to mention that the McDonnell Douglas Group and the Dutch Fokker Aircraft Company are in volume、In scale、The gap in international influence……The simplest example:Have a good relationship with McDonnell Douglas,A lot of coordination with the U.S. government、You can ask McDonnell Douglas for help,But can Fokker do it??
of course,Chen Geng and the Pentagon、The relationship with the U.S. Congress and the White House also seems to be good,But everyone thinks,Chen Geng’s energy in American politics still cannot be compared with McDonnell Douglas, a veteran giant that has developed in the United States for decades.。
Chen Geng didn’t seem to expect Jiang Tao to give any answer.,Face to face with awkward Jiang Tao,He just shrugged:“No matter where we put this project anywhere else,Can get one equal to‘Place business card’Treatment,But only in your magic capital,No way,So do you think we will put this assembly plant in the magic city??”
Jiang Tao was speechless。
indeed,Chen Geng is right,What other local governments can give Chen Geng,Can’t give it by myself。
Jiang Tao is still speechless,Chen Hongjun and Yuan Jia are a little embarrassed:The two of them were specially arranged by the Magic Capital Government to do Chen Geng’s persuasion work……Although can you convince Chen Geng,There is not much confidence in their hearts……But who would have thought that Chen Geng never considered the magic city from the beginning?