“Ergouzi,Bring me a basin of water in!”

at this time,The voice of the old man came from the interior,Zhao Feng hurriedly replaced Ergouzi,I used a tub to receive the hot water originally prepared for him,Then came outside the inner door,Asked:“Zhuang Lao,Ergouzi is busy,I lifted the water,Can you go in?”
“……Did you carry hot water??Drain,Go pick a basin of cold water and come again。”
Zhao Feng was taken aback,In his impression,The doctor treats the patient,If you need to catch water,Almost all hot water,So I subconsciously received hot water。
Zhao Feng responded,Then hurriedly brought hot water into the kitchen。
There is no running water in the village,The villagers’ daily water is taken from nearby mountain springs,Store in a water tank。
After all, Zhao Feng was born in the countryside,There are many similarities between Zhuanglao’s house and his old home,Naturally, I found the water tank smoothly。
“Zhuang Lao,I came in……”
After a reminder,Zhao Feng used the wooden basin he was holding against the wooden door,And slowly push it away,A strong smell of herbs accompanied by a rush of heat,The interior is dim,Although there are two windows inside,But it was blocked by the heavy black cloth,And Mr. Zhuang sat on the side of the bed,Holding a fan,Looking solemnly at the patient on the bed。
“Excuse me, soak this towel in water,Wring out and put it on the head of the bed。”Elder Zhuang ordered,With a certain stable frequency,Fan in no hurry。
Zhao Feng quickly picked up the white towel beside the bed,One start,Rushed to the abnormal sultry heat,But I can’t even think about it,Soak it in cold water、Rub clean、Wring out,And fold it。
“Excuse me, put the towel on my granddaughter’s forehead……”
Zhao Feng listen,Holding a towel,Patient bending over close to bed,As the eyes adapt to the dark,Finally found the patient’s forehead,After putting the towel,I noticed that the patient looked like an eight or nine year old girl,And his face is very thin,The frowning eyebrows temporarily calmed down after putting a cold towel on his forehead。
Zhao Feng got up,Thinking for a long time,Asked:“Zhuang Lao,I don’t know what disease your granddaughter is suffering from?”