First1352chapter Donkey

In the empty compound,Standing with such a group of people,It’s like making a movie。
Sun Yao heard Xia Jian’s question,He couldn’t help but laughed and said:“Make a mistake?I can be totally wrong about other things,But I won’t be mistaken for 10,000 people。Qin Xiaomin’s mother likes me very much,So I tried to match the two of us。But your accidental appearance,Everything changed。You have to take full responsibility for this”
“Is it a bit too domineering?,If Qin Xiaomin knew about this,,Guess what she will do?”Xia Jian was very patient with Sun Yao。
Suddenly,Sun Yao stepped forward,He grabbed Xia Jian by the collar,Gritted his teeth and said:“What do you say she would do?”Xia Jian saw his vicious side from Sun Yao’s face。Xia Jian’s mind was spinning fast,He must not make this person angry,Otherwise it would be really difficult for him to get out of this compound。
“The first thing to declare is,Qin Xiaomin and I are only at work。She is now the deputy mayor in charge of agriculture in Pingdu,And I’m just a little village head,This time I went to the provincial capital to find her,Because there is a big project invested in the village that needs her help,Only second”Xia Jian looked calm,He said to Sun Yao word by word。
Sun Yao holding Xia Jian’s hand,Slowly loosened。He asked coldly:“According to you,There is really no relationship between you,Because the gap between this is really too big。If put before,You can still try your identity as the general manager of the startup group,But it’s really impossible now”
“This is not right,You treat me like this,After Qin Xiaomin knew about it,,She must have had less influence on you than before,You are shooting yourself in the foot”Xia Jian said rudely。He is most uncomfortable with such rich and powerful people,If it wasn’t for the other party to bring too many people tonight,He definitely wants to teach Sun Yao this high cadre child。
at the same time,Qin Xiaomin sitting in a hot pot restaurant like sitting on pins and needles,She will jump up soon,Sit down for a while,Her heart is up and down,I really don’t know what to do。
She kept calling Xia Jian,But Xia Jian’s phone has been turned off。Arranged a place and time,Even Xia Jian’s walking time should come。
Did he have an accident?This question came out of her brain,Qin Xiaomin’s little heart jumped wildly。what should I do?Call the police?Or ask someone to find it。
Qin Xiaomin walking around in the private room,No idea for a while。Time goes by,She still knows Xia Jian,Even if his phone is dead,He will try to contact her as soon as possible。
Nothing happened for such a long time,It seems it’s definitely not as simple as a dead phone。The time limit for reporting missing persons is more than 24 hours,This is obviously not enough to call the police。
Qin Xiaomin is almost crazy,She has never cared so hard about people。I remember when my mother and biological father divorced,She spent less than a year,I forgot my dad who had lived with her for several years。For this,Her mother also said she was cold-blooded。
But from Xia Jian’s case,,She is not so cold。Thinking about the past,Worried about Xia Jian again,The deputy mayor of this flat city almost collapsed。
suddenly,A person jumped out of her mind,Sun Yao who thinks he is extraordinary。This guy has been bragging about how hideous he is in the provincial capital,Now let him go to Xia Jian,Is also to give him a chance。
Since the police failed,Then let Sun Yao find。Qin Xiaomin thought of this,Flipped on the phone,Once she found Sun Yao’s phone number,So he hit him immediately。