“This magic spar vein,According to my investigation,The longest point is 20 miles。And the depth is deeper……According to my estimate,This magic spar vein,Hundreds of billions of gold coins are definitely there。”

“God。”Dia suddenly felt breathless。
“and so,You must never reveal a trace of information,I’ll go back and tell you that you are Master”。Wright said very seriously“You hurry up and beat down the two nearest cities,Completely conquered this area。”
After explaining to the disciple,Wright flew quickly,Return to Giant Bear City。
Chapter Thirty Door
“what?”Cromwell Saint Magister is shocked。“Wright,You read it right,Twenty-mile long magic crystal vein!”Not finished,Cromwell Saint Magister calm down,He knows the calmness of this disciple,Even less likely to deceive。
“Wright,Do you know,Alchemists once analyzed the magic crystal vein,It is impossible to naturally generate magic crystal veins over twenty miles!”The Cromwell Saint Magister was a little thoughtful。
Lei Feature nods,And said:“I am not sure about this,But I see that vein,The shape is also very regular,I also wonder if there are any treasures inside!”
Cromwell Saint Magister nodded,“go,Let’s go see。”
A few minutes later,Cromwell、Both Wright and Cecilia appeared above the veins。
“Master、teacher、Master!”Dia led a team of elite soldiers to surround this place。Saw three strong sanctuary flying here,The soldiers were very surprised and even scared。But Dia’s title made them excited,It turns out that there are still three sanctuary powerhouses behind us!
“Dia,Take all your lads away。”Wright Voice。
A few minutes later,Cecilia’s face is a bit strange,“Wright,I didn’t find anything like this,Did you find something?”
Wright says“I did not find!”
Cromwell Saint Magister’s face is solemn,Shook his head。