NS1089chapter The pen stop is not as good as a gun(superior)

Ah,You are on,Why can’t you??
At this moment, Li Delin wants to express it.,Is the face of the sole plate fan Yang Wei。
Since you can’t be responsible for the Political Agency of North Qi,So,Don’t say some extra。You have to refuse Wang Lin,I have to have the ability you refused.!Otherwise, what big tail wolf is installed?!
Li Delin finally was made by Gao Baoyi“Scare”Someone,But in fact,Then give Li Delin to solve!If it is in the future, Yang Wei retals Li Delin,It will be considered by the world.“Brain”。
Convinced:Prime minister can support the boat。Your belly is so small,How to make a slaughter?,Wash and sleep!
One time,In addition to Gao Baoyi,All ministers present are asking yourself a question。If Wang Lin really turned his face,Northern Qi Zheng earthquake,Can yourself in this earthquake?“Safe and sound”?
problem occurs,Always accountable,Now jumping,At that time, the clearer is。Fine arm thin legs,Still don’t participate in it.?
“Just now Li Di Cao Li Delin’s official position has just been said.,You don’t have worry,Just intentionally。No matter what Wang Lin gets out,This king,He can’t turn out,Will you go to the front line to talk to those squid。”
Gao Bao said unresponsible。
His surface is talking“Laozi hooded you,When the spray of peace of mind is”,Mean behind,In fact, it is said“You can’t use it all.”!
Magnification you also。
“Yang Zauxian,How to reply Wang Lin,what do you say?”
Li Zuyi saw the situation stalemate,I have a doubt.。
“Back to the ever,Ministers think,Although Wang Lin is accompanied by government affairs,But this man holds tens of thousands of soldiers,It is a member of a member。Minishen did not speak in military affairs,It’s better to let Greetor Chen talk about your thoughts.。
Even if there is repeated,Gao Caalthuo also has a way to share。”
Yang Yu’s words,It can be described as soft belt hard。
You said that I can’t do it.,Then I will let you come.。
“Chu Wang,what do you say?”
Li Delin’s fancy“Soul”,Gao Bo Yi’s intentional avoidance,In fact, this is this sentence.!
“Too,Allocate,Wang Lin held heavy soldiers,and,At present, there is also a courter who belongs to me.,at this point,We can’t deny。
In the truth,Wang Lin is the courter of Qi Guo,So,We have no reason to reject him into the hinterland of Qi Guo.,at this point,I think there should be no controversy.。”
Gao Baoyi’s words are very calm,Falling in the group of ministers,It is not as a thunder.!
This,I want Wang Lin to enter the attitude.!
only,Wang Lin,What is the benefit of him??Many people in the scene don’t understand why。
Seeing that many ministers have no standing to refute,Gao Bao continued:“If we reject directly,Wang Lin will definitely have actions。
He is not a person,He is gone,All are Huainan Huaibei,Directly refuse,It is equal to saying that it is broken their minds.。
Wang Lin, even if it is modest,He wants to give him a meeting,This,Can only be in Qi。”
Gao Bo Yi put Wang Lin’s situation,Said that the minister who was present,Some deeds including Wang Lin,The introduction of the summary。
This,Originally uncomfortable,I also serve now.。