Poverty Alleviation Documentary "Infinite Road" caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, October 13 (Reporter Chen Yuying) Produced and photographed by Hong Kong TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVB), a total of 12 episodes of poverty alleviation documentary "infinite road" has been praised since the broadcast, in the Mainland Douban Network The high score of the division has also caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong.

  The show is the first broadcast on August 21, as of the seventh episode, more than 2.5 million viewers have watched the "endless road" through TV, and the first episode of the first episode of more than 930,000, accounting for the same period of Hong Kong free TV station 60%.

  Many Hong Kong citizens said that the programs were deeply comprehensive, produced well, through the personal experience of the host and the production team, so that the audience and the local people, so that the process and results of the national poverty alleviation work can also be practiced.

  "After reading the first and second episodes, I felt very shocking, and then I lost the remaining programs.

"Hong Kong Special Zone Youth Development Committee" Xie Xiaohong said.

She was praised by "infinite road" to see online evaluation, and even the teachers in the university also recommended this show to her, and decided to watch. She said that the program starts from the perspective of Hong Kong people, the content is very real and grounding, so that the audience is full of people, especially when the host climbed more than 2,000 "ladders" to the cliff village, let her feel deeply affected It is not easy for people in poor regions. "Infinite Road" selection 10 China’s most representative depth poor case, analyzes the different poverty alleviation methods used in each location, such as easy to relocation, industry drive, education poverty alleviation, enterprise help, etc., presenting all local poverty alleviation process The difficulties faced in the face, as well as the hipster and efforts of countless people, the huge achievements of the state in poverty alleviation work. Hong Kong is a big alliance to jointly initiate people Ye Wenbin, saying that there is a deep understanding of the Hong Kong citizens even whispering the mainland’s poverty-stricken regions and poverty alleviation policies. Let people have experienced their distraction, and Hong Kong citizens can understand the country’s poverty alleviation work from different levels. The program group shuttled the country’s six provinces, shooting for two or three months, visiting the Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, also known as the "Cliff Village", Yunnan Nujiang, Ningxia West Haiqi and other places, visiting the local poverty alleviation, doctor Different people such as the prototype of the mainland’s thermal player "Mountain Hairy", telling a lot of poverty alleviation stories that are not known for Hong Kong people. Ms. Hong Kong, Ms. Yu visited the poor mountainous area of ??the Mainland many years ago. When they saw the hardships of the previous life, she felt deep. "I still feel too much at that time, the country is too big, the road to poverty alleviation is still very long, and now I see the country’s fruitful results made after implementing precise poverty alleviation, let me deeply amazed and gratify.

"The" Infinite Road "program host Chen Bai said that she regards herself as a white paper to explore and learn, so the rendeneration in the program is the most authentic, and the initial heart of the production team is also hope to The feeling does not add modified to the audience.

  "The friends around me have sigh ‘Tianda’ and the sorcerer of the Nujiang Village. It is very dangerous. I feel that I am very courageous, but I think these are very valuable life experience.

"Chen Bai said.

  The most satisfying documentary producer is a sense of response.

  Tvb News and Senior Situation Program Manager Yan Xiaoxue said that many viewers reflect the show very nice to her, "these evaluations make me the most satisfied". "

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