Beijiao Office opened 81 companies on November 15th

  China Youth Daily, Beijing, November 12 (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Ning Di) reporter learned from the Beijing Stock Exchange ("Beijiao"), the work of the Beijiao Office is ready It is scheduled to open November 15th.

  6 business rules such as "Beijing Stock Exchange" investors and RMB qualified foreign agencies investor Securities Trading Regulations will also be implemented from November 15. The above rules have formed an Beigean Self-discipline Rule System in terms of issuance of listing, financing mergers and acquisitions, corporate supervision, securities transactions, membership management, and investor status. As of 12 November, there are more than 2.1 million investors to make an appointment to open a qualified investor authority in the Beijiao. After the opening of the city, the investors who can participate in the North Exchange trading will exceed 4 million. A total of 112 securities companies were qualified to become a formal member of the North Exchange. Since the establishment of the North Exchange, the selection of layers will be conducted normally, and 10 companies that have completed public issuance and other programs will be listed directly in the Beijiao, and the 71st deposits are translated to the relevant process of the Beijiao. After completing, 81 companies will become the first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange. At present, the technical system of the Beijiao Office has completed the upgrade of the upgrade, and the relevant systems of each securities company, the information and fund company have completed the supporting transformation.

The internal institutions of the North Exchange have been in place.

  Next, the Beijiao will follow the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, closely rounding this principal of SMEs, firmly grasp the key to supporting innovation, and always focus on the direction of "main position", and promote the implementation of various institutions. Contribute to the high quality development of the service entity.