As an elite among professional managers,Don’t need to say too much by Chen Geng,Just a little bit,Rosemary instantly realized how big a business this is:You’re welcome,Working well,I’m afraid I’m making no less money than selling used cars now。

the most important is,This business sounds better than selling used carsBMuch taller。
Rosemary nodded immediately:“OK,I know what to do……boss,To this hypermarket,What are your requirements?”
Chen Geng really has a few requirements:“the first,The location of the hypermarket should be located in the core business district as much as possible;second,Choose to rent as purchasing agent in hypermarkets as much as possible;third,Among these potential customers who are interested in buying a computer,Very few people really understand computers,So buying a hypermarket must have a dedicated consulting department,Provide consulting and customized services to customers。”
Rosemary frowned。
She can understand the first and third requirements of her boss,But why the second point,Why does the boss want to rent as an agent?
“Oh,I just hate those damn landlords,”Chen Geng’s hateful way:“These bastards are just like vampires,Every time we see our business is getting better,These damn bastards will definitely raise their rents。”
Ok,This is indeed a reason,And it’s a very powerful reason。
For those damn landlords,Seeing the tenants who rent their own properties start their business、Raising rents after they grow up has almost become the only way for them to suck the blood of tenants,And each time these landlords increase the rent, the rate is just at an acceptable level that makes you uncomfortable but gritted your teeth,Really a headache——If signed“Purchase by rent”protocol,As long as the rent is paid for several years, the property will be owned by the company,It’s a good thing。
A deep and powerful roar from a diesel engine quickly approached from a distance,At last“Creak”Stopped beside Chen Geng and Rosemary,Chevat·Egaford’s flushed face came out of the window with excitement,Shouted:“boss,This car is too exciting!”
Chen Gengxiao asked:“Feel good?”
“More than good,Compare with it,Other off-road vehicles on the market are just a pile of shit!”Excited Chevat·Egarford made a few swear words:“boss,Will you launch a civilian version of this car??”
“Of course,”Chen Geng nodded:“Regardless of whether it passes the Department of Defense test,There must be a civilian version。”
He will not only launch a civilian version,And I already have a complete set of civilian versionsHMMVPromotion Plan,of course,Never repeatAM GeneralCompany in civilian versionHMMVThat’s it……In Chen Geng’s view,AM GeneralThe company isHMMVThe promotion plan developed by the civilian version,apart fromhummerBeyond the fame,Other promotion and marketing are no different from shit。
“yes!If you push the civilian version,I must buy one!”Chevat·Egarford shook his fist hard。