Take a look at Li Mozhen’s teammate、Take a look at your teammates,Chu Deirers feel that they are targeted.。

“Respecting husbands can temporarily and,Go on the side talk?”Chu Deirers don’t want to pick up the enemy directly,Otherwise, the problem。
Especially opposite two poisonous,Really,Chu Deirers are poisonous,Lu family also has a martial arts couple who can live and die.,Therefore, the speech has also stayed in a room.。
Wu Sancong looked at the Chu Deirers,He was crazy before,Naturally, I will not read the chivalrous list.,I wanted to hold a big,Top Li Mozhen,but……Seeing that Li Mozhen is still known as ten years ago.,The other party’s martial arts must be more refined than ten years ago.!
Take a little one hesitation,Wu Sancong nodded:“it is good!Mai palm door!”
“Humph,It seems that I have retreat too long.,A big head of the family,I also forgot the power of plum boxing.。”Mei Fang said disdain.,But still by Wu Sancong。
After all, they are only temporary.“Team”,Prepare to give the slag men’s day justice,In fact, there is no cooperation between martial arts.,Telling with a pot of porridge,Not as good as the enemy。
The most is the most conferred that Ho Red Medicine and Li Mozhen are familiar with,After Li Mo, Li Mozhen completely left the ancient tomb.,Because of its encounter,Got He Red Medicine Height Resonance,Extraction of the master of the elderly,will《Five toxicity》The five poisonous gods passed to her.。
Today’s teacher Lan Phoenix,After all, it is her niece.,In fact, many years ago, Blue Phoenix has been ignored.,Just He Hongsi’s own stubborn,And also want to continue to find Xia Xueyi,So vowes the three treasures、She is not return……
“Chu Hexia,Then are we??”Lu Guan Yingmu felts to watch He Red Drugs。
Chu Dee,White eye:“You protect your uncle’s family!Cough,Li girl’s hand print naturally can’t press,Zhuangzi burned directly!”
Finish,Chu Deiren turned his mouth to change his mouth,Word of flowers……
Although it is only fifteen years old,But there is no shortage or a keen feeling,Chu Deiren seems to be a cool look,It seems that some are not good……
“Gale,You look at this beautiful big sister,She won’t shoot for a while,However, the sword is free,You help me protect her good?”Chu Deirers said。
There is no shortage of spending——I don’t seem to be for this.?
Just look at Wang Yin……
kindness,female,Live——Category of protection!
“it is good。”There is no shortage of flowers.。
At the same time, the Chu Deirers also secretly secretly:Phrase,I can’t live in a moment.,You will immediately grab the floor、I don’t have alone without me.!
Wang Yizhen:……
Chapter 105 Grove War
“Ant antion、Lower rib……Bibill Shadow、Volume left leg……what?Make a boxing method,There are also shadows of the Dingjia Jinlong whistle.?Be careful!”Wang Yizhen stands in the flower,Constant analysis of the other three people。
Reduce some pressures for Chu Deirers and Wujia couples!
Wang Yizhen is also specially trained by Chu Deirers.,Nowadays, when you look at,What do you say?“Chu Da Ge is careful”、“Oh, don’t”some type of,War change、Timing a longitude,Specially pickedly。
“Wang girl……”Flower is helpless, watching her。
Don’t you say it is nothing??
Don’t intervene,But your mouth is not idle.!
The original flower is no longer wants to help,However, now……Guardian,Andchu deer protector“Assist”What’s the difference?
However, it is the dangerous place to,Not in line with his values。
Wang Yuchen hesitated himself,See Chu Deirers to Li Mozhen、He Hong medicine,Obviously,And the two are still practicing,The situation is not too wonderful,A bitter:“If you die,I……I will not live alone.。”Speech,How to be ashamed。