Wang Guilan’s husband sees it,Rushed up,Chao Xiajian shouted:“Give him to me,I am going to abolish him today,Let him die off”

“slow!He hit my car,Crashed my car。So you are chasing him,Just let him hit my car。I don’t care about his injuries now,But I need you to pay for my car repair,You all want to run,I’ll call the police”Xia Jian said,Let go。
Wang Youcai is really smart,Plop and crawl on the ground。Pretending to be seriously injured,My husband Wang Guilan panicked。
“This guy slept with my wife,We still need him to settle accounts,Best if you call the police”Wang Guilan’s husband wants to scare Xia Jian。But he forgot,People who can drive a big run are naturally not low。
Xia Jian sneered and roared:“joke,He slept with your wife, you drove him into the car?Another point,It’s hard to tell who is sleeping,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,Just wait to tell the police!”Xia Jian really took out his mobile phone。
This frightened Wang Youcai who was lying on the ground,What if Xia Jian really called the police,Isn’t he finished?。
Who are the people with Wang Guilan’s husband?,Xia Jian really wanted to call the police,They came and ran away。Wang Guilan’s husband, who has lost the support of everyone, has no square inch for a while。He made two turns in place,Also ran away。
Wang Youcai squinted half his eyes,Lying on the ground and humming。Xia Jian walked over,Kicked him and said:“Get up and fuck off,These people ran away“
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,Hurriedly got up from the ground。He didn’t even say thank you,But I looked around,Suddenly bowed,Opened Daben’s car door and got in。
First1475chapter Kiddy
Xia Jian received a call from Qin Xiaomin early in the morning,Let him come to the city government for a meeting。He just walked here in the car,Unexpectedly, someone hit his car,He was really taken aback。
When he finds out that this man is rich,Xia Jian felt angry,Feel funny again。What happened in this world is really a coincidence,He never expected,The person who hit his car turned out to be Wang Youcai。
“What do you mean?Are you trying to corrupt people?“Xia Jianla sat in the driving position,He is going to the city government for a meeting,Can’t hold this person。
Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“You saw it too,I must not get off,You better drag me to a safe place!“
“You really can’t change eating shit。So many unmarried women in Pingdu,Why do you sleep with someone else’s wife?I’m not afraid that people will castrate you”Xia Jian started the car,No angry scolding。Anyway,The two of them belong to the same village,Situation like this,Xia Jian couldn’t bear to drive Wang Youcai out of the car。