The Central Different Directors of the Central Committee, the Shencheng Luoada’s Guizheng Processing Team Education Cutting

From September 24th to 26th, the national political and legal team education rectifies the central 15th supervision team under the leadership of Mazheng, and went to Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to open the political and legal team education to supervise the supervision.

The supervisory group listened to the work situation of the Guiluo Police and Legal Team Education, and held a symposium to listen to the grassroots people’s representatives, the CPPCC members, rural cadres, lawyers, school principals, retireies, and corporate, sanitation workers, herders representatives, etc. Rechent the personal feelings, in-depth departments of the police station, the Malan County Court, and the grassroots political and legal police and cadres, to understand the problems of social governance, the wishes and needs of the people, and the difficulties of the grassroots .

Mazheng is fully affirmed by the effectiveness of the rectification of the Guilozhou political and legal team education.

He emphasized that he should take measures, improve the system rules, and use the system to curing the first batch of education rectification results. To always adhere to party loyalty, continue to strengthen political construction, enhance "four awareness", and firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance". We must conscientious performance, focus on the main business, and reflect the results of education and rectification and improve the political and legal work. We must carefully serve the people, deepen the practice activities of "I do practical things for the people", and try to solve the people of the masses "urgent expensive".

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the political and legal team, establish a good image, build a diligent, pragmatic, integrity, and efficient political and legal organs, and create a political and legal iron army who is loyal and clean. The supervisory team also went to the Banma County Red Army Memorial to accept revolutionary traditional education, and cherish the revolutionary martyrs.

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