A representative of Xu Shi: "Suburban New City" in a higher temperament

Director of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shizhong, secretary of Fengdu County Party Committee.

Fengdu County Party Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Chongqing, January 25, in recent years, Fengdu adheres to "ecological priority, green development", goes "ecological industrialization, industry ecological" new path. Fengdu Nan Tianhu successfully created a national-level tourist resort, and the modern livestock and poultry industry base accelerated, hundreds of thousands of acres of fruit forests … During the 2021 Chongqing two sessions, Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shi, Xu Shizu, Xu Shi, Xu Shi, an interview with People’s Network Indicates that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Fengdu will accelerate the construction of wisdom, sponge, toughness, livable, humanities, green city.

At the same time, with the three major livestock farming industries of cattle, chickens, pigs, and strive to build a 30 billion modern livestock industry base. Promoting 500,000 population "Suburban New City" Construction "We have to speed up the more high value, the temperament is better, and the life is more responsive, and Fengdu will adhere to" Dongjin, Xi’an, Bei Tuo " ", Incorporating 5-10 square kilometers of Nantianhu Resort into the urban planning group, expanded the quality of" one river and two sides of the strait ", focusing on doing big cities.

At the same time, the city has organically updated with the "one river and one river four shore", and creates new landmarks such as Yangtze River Third Bridge, Museum, Park Square and other cities.

Strive for 2035, forming a production city integration, occupancy and balance, ecological livable, convenient transportation, and the population of 500,000 new cities.

  "In addition, we must fully promote the" production city, Jingcheng, Hong Kong City ‘deep integration. "Xu Shio said that one side is a large-green industry, the Komantun industry, the logistics industry, the cultural industry, and Urban economy and other urban economy, realize the city in production, to promote the city; on the other hand, accelerate the promotion of famous mountain scenic spots, Shuanggui Mountain Forest Park, Xiaogan Mountain Folk Culture Park, etc. Multi-product state, food, food, shopping, etc., realize Jingcheng, with city to help seek; Hong Kong Economic Zone, accelerated the formation of "front port gardens" development pattern. In terms of transportation, Fengdu also has to play along the river channel and accelerate the construction of "iron public water" three-dimensional traffic pattern, accelerate the construction of the city’s important transportation hubs, and comprehensively improve the suburban new city and fulfilled cities, adjacent the interconnection of the city. Coordinate the advancement of the mature, Fengpong Second Road, Fengdu Tour Ship and Port – Nan Tianhu Scenic Area – Xianwei Airport Expressway and other projects, strive to launch General Airports.

At the same time, implement the North Shore Industrial Loop, the South Bank Tourism Ring Line and other trimming road upgrade, accelerate the construction of "Tiegonghui" passenger transfer center, travel distribution center, promote railway and high-grade road to enter the park, enter Hong Kong, implement multimodal transport Efficient transfer.

  Fully build a 30 billion modern livestock and poultry industry base as a traditional agricultural county, Fengdu has foundation, and there is also a condition to create a modern livestock industry base. "Next, Fengdu will follow the development of the municipal party committee, the municipal government work, firmly walking green, intensive, efficient ecological livestock and poultry industry, with the three major livestock farming industry of cow, chicken, pig, and strive to build 30 billion Modern livestock and poultry industry base.

"Xu Shio introduced.

  In the cattle industry, relying on national agriculture (beef cattle) technology parks and national leading companies, speeding up the construction of national beef cattle breeding bases, beef cattle science and technology research and development center, good center, national beef cattle processing center, data center, trading center to ensure The county’s beef cattle is stable in 160,000, and there are more than 90,000 heads, and the Chinese meat are all; in the chicken industry, de-Qingyuan, Huayu Agricultural, Wenshi Group and other national leading enterprises, to create a good species Breeding Center, Modern Home and Poultry Incubation Center, Egg Field Processing Center and Chicken Supply Base, ensuring 800,000 stocks of the county, 3.5 million feathers of the county, 1 million meat chicken, to create a highland of chicken industry in southwestern China; Relying on the leading enterprises such as Chongqing farm, Dongfang Hope and other leaders, fully promote the construction of standardization, intensification, intelligent pig farm, and accelerate key projects such as pig species, farm communities, and build key counties in the city, national pigs Daxie.

  In addition to relying on the big faucet, driving the big industry, Fengdu also promotes the efficient and healthy and sustainable development of modern livestock and poultry industry.

  On the one hand, I actively strive for the national modern agricultural industrial park, actively strive to build a cattle, chicken, pigs and other industrial municipal level laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, industrial research institutes, etc., improve new domestic livestock industry, including gold Contains green amount; further polish the "golden sign" and other "golden sign" and other "golden words", and comprehensively improve the brand influence of Fengdu livestock and poultry products, the market share; adhere to the "full chain, full use" product development model, vigorously Implement the development and utilization of livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry, actively develop craft products, leisure food, and promote industrial cluster intensive development. (Liu Zhengning, Jiang Haitao) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei).