I want to dance a day

I’ve been dancing all my life, whether it’s wonderful or not, you know. How did it end? It will not be known until the end. Now, I can only dance to my heart’s content and show my dancing to my heart’s content.. However, in order to keep pace with the times, we should jump out of shock! In this way, we can attract more audiences and disturb everyone’s soul.. I decided to jump out of the sky and jump out of my own splendor.     In fact, everyone has been dancing all his life. However, some of them jumped brilliantly and were praised and applauded by others. Some of them danced in a normal way, without any atmosphere or applause.. No matter what? Dance steps can’t stop, just like our lives, they jump all the time. Life is also a process of constant movement and ups and downs. As long as life exists, sports cannot stop for a moment.     If we compare sports to dancing, then people do all kinds of postures every day, leaving a beautiful picture of time.. Everyone wants to jump on it beautifully! Want to get people’s applause! But don’t you know that everyone’s dance steps are not smooth sailing, it depends on the weather, the stage and the mood of the audience. When the time is right, graceful dance steps will certainly win people’s appreciation and favor. The time is not good. The messy dance steps have not only failed to produce results, but have left a tumultuous impression on people.. Therefore, our dance should be timely and moderate. We must grasp the essentials of dance steps and the course of life. Although sometimes there are weather, rain, snow, frost and fusion days, there are also uncomfortable times and disappointing times for the audience.. However, we should always keep our heads clear, calm and steady, calm and unhurried, take a light step and drag our lithe body to dance forward all the time.!     Some people say that everyone is an actor in life, singing and dancing freely on the stage of life.. All want to jump out of their own wonderful, all want to sing the most beautiful in my heart. But things are not as good as people want them to be! Some people jump high and become famous at once. Some people are ups and downs frequently and do not know what to say. Some take effect quickly and some take effect slowly. Some times come and go, lucky strike, some life is ordinary and bad luck is constant. Based on this situation, the only thing we can do in our life is to watch the wind and rudder, take good routes, step by step and move steadily forward. Let nature take its course and live in the present. Blessed, of course, are lucky stars, while those without happiness can only be resigned to fate!     As long as you dance your own life dance well, treat your life time well and take every step of your life well.. If you don’t succeed, you will have no regrets in this life!     My life is jumping with the pulse of the times at all times. Only by adapting to the mainstream of the times can I keep up with the current situation and move forward. So I have to adapt to the society and do what I don’t like to do. Later, with the development of the times, the reform and opening-up and the need for work, they gradually jumped out of their own dance music of life.. Although not very elegant, but also a little improvement. Now, I can jump alone and have a little eyebrow eye, but I still don’t feel perfect enough and want to jump out of my own sky and my own splendor..     If you want to meet your wishes and realize your life’s ideals. You have to enrich your soul and dance your life dance. This requires me to further learn from others and learn from others’ excellent skills. Actively exercise your body and increase your cultural knowledge in a planned way. Endeavour in life and struggle in the crowd. In this way, we can expand ourselves, jump out of our own sky, jump out of our own splendor, and spread our wings and fly in the blue sky.!     Although I have no ambition, no good opportunity and no good heaven-sent scenery in my life, I have done my best in my life and tried my best to play my role and demonstrate my elegant demeanor in the world.. Now, I am trying my best to play my life story, and I think I will succeed in the near future.. Even if you don’t reach your desire for other reasons, you won’t regret for life! However, I must work hard to forge ahead, make positive progress and be a good actor who will never fall behind.!Bloom yourself on the stage of life! Not the kui is a gift to life, not the kui is a gift to his own life, not the kui is a good time.     How was the dance? Wonderful is not wonderful. – Finally, it’s up to everyone to judge!     The only thing I do now is just dance all the time. With the pulse of the times, with the audience’s eyes, dance and dance – I hope to dance my blue sky and my wonderful world in the future.