Late light

[ Guide ]: Out of Grandma’s village, it was a field with a narrow trail leading to our village.. My brother and I were walking along that path. I was ahead. It was different from when I was a child. He led the way in front of me before..   On this day at the beginning of the year, the smell of the year is dissipating. My family was invited by my grandmother to have dinner together. I don’t want this meal to arrive at dusk and it’s time to go home. On a whim, my brother and I want to retrace the path we used to take when we were young to grandma’s house. now the village is connected to the highway, and the path of the dirt road that xian knew at the foot of the past becomes strange.. So let the parents ride home first, and thank the relatives for sending them off politely, leaving the big gate of grandma’s house, which could not be opened alone when I was a child, on the way home..     There was a section of the road before that has now been plastered with cement, so I saved some energy by taking advantage of the pace, but I also lost something. I didn’t have the strange novelty of walking in the past. I now look at it only as a road, and a walk on it will force people to recall the past, but I always can’t find the feeling of recalling, as if missing it..     Out of grandma’s village, it was a field, and a narrow path led directly to our village. My brother and I were walking along that path. I was ahead. It was different from when I was a child. He led the way in front of me before.. From time to time, the elder brother looked back and fell behind a lot. While waiting, I saw a gazebo on the western hill in Through The Eye, only the cloud gauze lined with black clusters of mountain beams still shouting in the twilight.. I urged the elder brother to move quickly through this scene, and he still moved slowly and slowly with unpleasant frequency. See urged him to swallow it slowly without himself, and then consider why he was so busy and urgent..     The pace was slow and the feeling was deep. It was dark for a while, the night lights were sparse and gradually on, and the traffic on the nearby roads was also consciously lit up.. As I walked along the path, I looked at the different night lights, and my heart from my childhood gave birth to some compassion, especially the orange-colored incandescent lamp..     I still remember the old incandescent lamp that my grandmother always ordered in the evening. The yellow lamp color spread over the years and generations and shone on the mottled walls of my grandmother’s house, reflecting a feeling of homesickness and homesickness.. At this point, I can still feel the fear and loneliness of not seeing my family again. As a result, I rarely spend the night at my grandmother’s house. No matter how late I stay, I always insist on going home. I am afraid of that feeling, and it is still the same today.     Walking on the road at this time, the light of the night light was consciously or unconsciously reflected in the corner of the eye, and the same feeling suddenly flooded. At that time, the body was also cold, and it was a kind of loneliness and loneliness.. As if he were a traveller, he lost his home and could not find the direction of happiness. The night’s cold, lingering in the fingers, cools down to the bottom of my heart.     I pushed my elder brother to speed up his steps, hoping to escape from the uncomfortable atmosphere as soon as possible. Finally, I was in my own home and looked at the lamp that night. The most obvious one was the one behind me..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]