Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes that using amalgam materials to fill teeth can be harmful to human health.

  According to the British “Independent” reported on the 29th, the FDA changed its previous position that amalgam fillings are harmless, and issued a warning on its official website: “The amalgam mercury particles used for fillings may affect the nerves of developing children and fetuses.The system produces toxic effects.

FDA said that amalgam releases mercury vapor that is harmful to the human body when filling or taking out amalgam and when chewing with amalgam filled teeth.

FDA is in the process of pre-preparing provisions for filling materials that may restrict or ban the use of amalgam in advance.

  It is reported that amalgam is a common material for fillings.

125 tons of amalgam are consumed annually in the EU alone.

Norway and Denmark have announced a ban on mercury and amalgam fillings.

Sweden, Finland and Japan have imposed strict restrictions on amalgam fillings.

  Mercury is commonly known as metallic mercury, and the alloy formed by mercury with other metals is called amalgam or amalgam.

Mercury is toxic, severe mercury poisoning can cause death, and long-term low-dose mercury pollution can also cause damage to the human nervous system.

  Those who oppose amalgam fillings believe that amalgam may make them vulnerable to heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.