Sure enough, as the system inferred,After entering the earth world,Not adapted,The energy of this low-level plane is for them,Too low end,Even harmful。

Humanity,In the end, you have to rely on yourself!Lu Menglin sighed secretly in his heart。
The four masters of the gods have tried their best,Their appearance,It was just a shock to the leader of the dark dragon,The only thing that played a role were the two poisonous powders flowing in the shintoist wind,It’s a temporary reduction in the defense of the Dark Dragon Leader,And suppressed part of its physical recovery.
but,This is for the unfathomable dark dragon leader,It’s just a trick better than nothing,I’m afraid it doesn’t even care about it itself。
“Humanity,You surprised me again,You can drive those proud gods。I decided to change my mind,As long as you submit to me,Fight for me,I can make an exception to spare you,And give you strength!”
This time,The leader of the Dark Dragon in mid-air did not attack again,But became interested in Lu Menglin,Actually planning to talk to him。
obviously,It already felt,The human race below,Is a very special existence。
Not only does this human race far exceed the general human race powerhouse,And also owns a warship that he has never seen before,And can control the gods,With its wisdom,Hard not to associate,Once this human race surrendered,May bring unexpected huge benefits。
“is it?Just surrender to you,Don’t die?And get stronger power?Such a good thing,Then I have to seriously consider it!”
No one thought,Lu Menglin would actually answer like this。
Suddenly,All humans on earth are stagnant,Speechless。
They dare not imagine,If even Lu Menglin surrendered,So is there any hope for mankind??
Chapter one hundred and forty seven Sleepy beast