Julan whispered to Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai hugged Julan fiercely,He lowered his voice and said:“Not in a hurry,Let’s do business first”
Chrysanthemum orchid**With a,Did not refuse。The two hug each other,Step by step into the north house where Julan lives。Upon entering the door,Wang Youcai couldn’t even close the door,I have reached into Julan’s clothes。
After a while,The big wooden bed made a creaking scream。The noise stopped after a long time。Julan Xiang was lying sweaty in Wang Youcai’s arms,She said shyly:“The door is not closed,Xu Lihong might have heard it”
“cut!Hear it,What is this?You think Xu Lihong has never seen anything?”
Wang Youcai smirked,Just reached out。suddenly,There was a rapid knock on the door,And it’s loud。Listen carefully,I feel that someone is calling Xu Lihong’s name。
“not good!Where did Xu Lihong come here?”
Julan said,I got up in a hurry and looked for clothes to wear。Wang Youcai was stunned,And got up quickly。Swearing in his mouth,It’s nothing more than this lack of eyesight delaying his good deeds。
The knock on the door is getting louder,I saw the door of the west room opened with a crash,Xu Lihong’s curse came from inside,Then there was a sound of footsteps。
When Wang Youcai got dressed and got out of bed,The big iron gate opened with a bang。It feels like several people are coming in,And there is Xu Lihong’s screaming。
Wang Youcai is shocked,Put on your shoes and ran out。I saw people shaking in the yard,About five or six people。One of them is holding Xu Lihong’s hand,It seems to be pulling Xu Lihong out。
“Let go!What do you guys do?Do you want to go in and stay inside for two days?”
Wang Youcai yelled and walked out in two steps。
First2646chapter Arrow on the string
The man holding Xu Lihong is short and fat,The hair on the forehead is almost gone。Wang Youcai approached with the light from the room to see clearly,This guy is less than 40 years old。